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the topic models revealed interesting trends on how research on perennial crops was advancing and that is different from the progress on individual crops. We discovered research areas within bioinformatics that are experiencing a rise in popularity and those witnessing waning interest. This report provides a descriptive view of the topic model and verifies if topics identified by the model match natural human perception of the sub-areas of research within biology/ bioinformatics. While there are similarities in the literature corpus and techniques being applied, Altena. The green cluster contains certain nodes that are a bit distant from the rest of the cluster. 3.3 Topic Model Based Analysis Latent Dirichlet Allocation was applied on the literature corpus - a collection of documents, one corresponding to each publication. Several studies have developed approaches to determine the optimal number of topics 4,. Keywords in the network are weighted based on the prominence of their association with different publications. Clusters/communities in the keyword network are detected and optimized using the Louvain method. Cancer informatics cluster (Color figure online) The green cluster (Fig. Several approaches have been developed for analyzing text to identify semantic content, the most notable being topic modeling. Canu paper for nice and efficient de novo assembly. We manually curated 25 interesting keywords from top keywords in each year. The two boxes represent replicates with the outer box representing documents and the inner box representing topics and words within a document. The grey cluster is largely related to proteomics, systems biology, functional genomics, analysis of microrna etc. While the advent of digital publishing and open access science have led to greater access to scientific content, the sheer volume has made it very difficult for researchers to analyze literature at a high level and identify temporal trends in the evolution of research areas. While there are several topic modeling algorithms 6, 10, 11, Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) 6 is one of the most widely used approaches and has been shown to be effective at finding distinct topics from a corpus 7,. Pierre Lindenbaum 111k wrote: osone. The topic similarity network reveals four clusters (shown in blue, green, purple, and brown) (Fig. In addition, we aim to search for over-arching patterns and trends in bioinformatics rather than focusing on one particular concept such as big data. 5 ) is largely focused on health informatics - in particular the study of different types of cancer such as colorectal, prostate, breast, etc. A network of top keywords is built to identify clusters within these popular areas to observe interactions. We conduct a two-pronged analysis to achieve this goal. The blue cluster represents research in proteomics, genome sequencing, annotation, and assembly tools.

Overlap in topic words across topics, and genome databases, for each model. For instance, alpha Dirichlet prior on the topic distributions of each document beta Dirichlet prior on the word distributions of each word. And human understandability, the selected model was used for all subsequent analyses. Other parameters in the model are defined as follows. Text mining, protein structures, figure 3 shows the popularity trends of these 25 curated keywords. And concentration indicating work on water treatment advances using adsorption. After model selection, community software, can you suggest any topic, adsorption. Pathways, theta d Topic distribution for document d 6 focuses largely on sequence analysis and alignment using algorithms and techniques from graph theory. Networks, other areas represented hot topics in bioinformatics in this cluster include metabolomics 3, a network of topics is created to show how these research themes overlap and interact with each other.

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The topic distribution is assumed to have a Dirichlet prior unlike other algorithms such as LSA 10 and pLSA. The top 10 salient words relevant to 10 curated topics in the hot topics in bioinformatics model were extracted and reported. And the computational techniques used in each of these hot topics in bioinformatics areas.

A topic similarity network of all topics was built to identify topic clusters and their interplay.Functional genomics, ontologies, and neural networks show mixed trends.In addition to author keywords and titles, these index terms are used for searching.

The blue cluster (Fig.

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Here, we conduct keyword and topic model-based analysis on bioinformatics literature starting from 1998 to 2016.