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worried since the rest of her family is going there. How does Parvanas father currently make a living for the family? Parvana begins to change once her father has been put in prison. What does this passage reveal kid about Parvana, especially in comparison to her behavior at the beginning of the novel? Why does Parvana want to continue digging up bones?

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She hoped since her father came back the rest of the faily may also come home. President issued a decreed that we are not to deal with any of those matters. Letapos, wives were seen as assistants for their husbands. From my perspective, they were going to turn her into a boy. Some physical characteristics of Parvana are described after her.

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Also their religion was if they kill someone bad they would be good. They start video to work together and soon become close friends. The Taliban only respected their own couture and with that also their language. Because it feels just right, she changed template a lot she now is very responsible and knows what she has to do she wont even complain about it anymore. Who believe that the male exploitation of women is detrimental to society. There is a woman who lets stuff come to her to tell some kind of message. S Free, clothing, when Parvana goes out in the street dressed as a boy she feels different.

She is firstly scared that someone finds out she is no boy and also because of landmines.2 pages, 646 words, the Breadwinner Summary, a girl named Parvana is living in an apartment with her family which includes her father, her mother, named Fatima, older sister, named Nooria, younger sister, named Maryam, and baby brother,named Ali.They all live in Kabul, Afghanistan.

She actually was responsible enough to go on the marked and get the food also she got water for her family.

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The Breadwinner by Leslie Halward is a short story set in the 1930s during the Great Depression.

We will write a custom essay sample on The Breadwinner specifically for you FOR only.38.The Breadwinner by Leslie Halward is a short story set in the 1930s during the Great.In the story The Breadwinner, there are several types of conflicts.
One major conflict in the story.
The", There had been a war going on in Afghanistan for more than twenty years(13) indicates that it probably took place in the Talibans early rule between.

Among the 40 percent of women in the breadwinner group, 63 percent are single mothers.
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