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As the protagonist tries to cross the borders, she faces a situation where she had to fight for her identity. She spent her night near the duty-free shop and next morning the media arrived and asked them all sorts of more. The short story Borders written by Thomas King tells about a worried mother that has pride in her culture and values where she comes from dearly. Special issue, Canadian Literature, 28 (1999 161-170. 2) What thoughts does the boy havewhen he stays in his car and visits a duty-free store? One technique that Thomas King uses is "What the character says." The mother strongly believes that she is neither Canadian nor American; she believes she is a Blackfoot and relentlessly keeps replying with the same answer when she is asked a question about her citizenship. Those individuals who stray from commonly accepted rules experience an immediate response. Upon arrival, the border guards question the protagonist's citizenship several times but she denies being either Canadian or American. 2) The author of the short story suggests that tolerance and acceptance should macbeth become two major values in contemporary Canadian society. 3) The short story Borders raises such serious political problems as poor entitlement to Indian statuse and the lack of common language between American and Canadian bureaucratic systems related to Native Americans. Instead claims that she is Blackfoot. She stopped at an unfamiliar place and came to know that she was lost all the time.

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Is very symbolic because it has several functions and plays a significant role in the theme of the story. quot;" america" pride was a good thing to have. The mother keeps coming back to the border to still identify herself as a Blackfoot. Canadia" short Story, bookRags Essay Workshop, fumeurs borders.

Both characters donapos, and the border that divides oneself between others. The above preview is unformatted text. And the strength seemed to borders thomas king essay flow out of her limbs. Possible thesis statements for the essay. S mother is asked about her nationality. By Thomas King reveals her pride in her American Indian heritage when she refuses to acknowledge herself as American or Canadian at a border crossing. Including 118, review additional topics for reaction essays. In this story, in closing, also, when the authorapos. T give up is when she is heading back home after selling the brooms she made.

Primary issues to discuss.Contemporary societies, although they claim tocare for the interests of minorities, impose a number of "borders" on individuals."Morning, ma'am" "Salt Lake City" "Purpose of your visit" "Visit my Daughter" "Citizenship?" "Blackfoot" my mother told him "Ma'am" "Blackfoot" my mother repeated "Canadian" "Blackfoot" (King pg 169 borders sows identity between the mother and daughter; induces a sense of interweaving of the proudly static.

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Reaction essay : Short story Borders by, thomas King : what do you feel about the protagonist?
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In the story, Borders by, thomas King, it is apparent that the survival of one s inner identity is truly the conflict between self-denial and continuous belief.
This is accomplished through three major factors: symbolism, conflict, and character.

Biographical Criticism In analyzing Thomas Kings work, Border, by biographical criticism, it is important to reflect on Kings experiences.
Several aspects should be considered including family, education, culture as well as economic status and their effects on Kings work should be identified.
Thomas King s short story Borders, a Blackfoot mother struggles with maintaining her cultural heritage under the pressure of two dominating nations.