Fast food and junk food essay

and describe food hfss (high fat, sugar or salt). They are categorized as either pre-prepared or packaged. They generally eat chips, french fries, cracks, snack, chawmin, burger, pizza, pasta, and other junk foods whenever they feel hungry. A report by Yale shows that in 2013 33 of children consumed fast food and whereas 41 of teens ate fast food. It is based on the frequency you buy it and based on that you get a gift after some frequent visits like get a free meal etc. On the other hand, healthy foods are what we need for our bodies to function properly. You will also be getting other nutrients, such as water, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants in the process. Junk Food Essay 2 (150 words). Eating the same meals over and over again will make you crave for junk foods. Junk foods have become very popular around the world, because they are cheaper and very convenient in this fast paced world. Processed and junk foods are the means of rapid and unhealthy weight gain and negatively impact the whole body throughout the life. Junk foods become very oily and lack of dietary fibers thus they are hard to digest and require more energy to perform the process from body and make a person lack of oxygen level in the body which lead towards improper brain functioning. Kids and children should be trained by their parents to follow healthy eating habits from the childhood. However, the custom of eating junk food in many is increasing day by day and making our future sad and diseased especially our future generations. According to the research by scientists, it has been found that junk foods have negative effects on the health in many ways. The term Junk food was coined by Michael Jacobson, director of Center for Science in 1972 in the public interest to raise attention among people about the issue of junk foods that has high calories and a lack nutritional value. Junk foods tastes good and looks good however do not fulfil the healthy calorie requirement of the body. According to the report out of 5,427 meal combinations of junk food only 33 met recommended nutritional standards.

It is quite popular in the writing apartment in street address developed countries like USA. Cordials, furthermore, is bad for the blood and may cause other expository essay examples for university diseases. While junk foods taste better, aPA, what we generally acquire from the junk foods are unhealthy fats and not healthy ingredients thus we feel lack of oxygen which causes poor brain functioning.

Junk and fast food essaysMany people eat not only when it is pre-set meal time, bu t also when they have spare time.Junk food allows people to eat without.

A healthy burger can be made with good quality bread. Diarrhoea, there are many types of junk foods available in the market like sodas. The first step of beating the junk food craze is to proofreading always plan.

That is to say, that the benefits of fast food, such as the taste, easy access, instant delivery and affordability can be enjoyed in a correct way if we follow a balanced diet, and in that way it would not cause harm to the body.They only become a health hazard to us, if we over-abuse our cravings.Insoluble fibre cannot be digested by human body.

However, the proteins should come from healthier alternatives, such as fish, legumes, nuts and vegetables.

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Pizza, french fries, Chinese dishes, and other varieties of fast food available.

Free Essay: The medical literature on the causes of food poisoning is full of e uphemisms and dry scientific terms: coliform levels, aerobic plate counts.
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For the last thirty years, junk food has been part of our daily life.

Whenever we are hungry, we want to celebrate, or have a quick easy meal, we resort to fast food.
For example: subway which is offered healthy fast food.
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