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solid particles to the atmosphere during circuit interruption. Constructed or protected so that exposure to the weather will not interfere with successful operation. The NEC contains Art. Part II: Defines terms that apply to systems operating at more than 600V, nominal. Thats never a good situation. Analysis : The NEC moved this definition from 250.2 to Art. The prospective symmetrical fault current at a nominal voltage to which an apparatus or system is able to be connected without sustaining damage exceeding topic defined acceptance criteria. The actual voltage at which a circuit operates can vary from the nominal within a range that permits satisfactory operation of equipment. This rule helps users know about these special conditions. Accessible (as applied to wiring methods). An automatic or nonautomatic device for transferring one or more load conductor connections from one power source to another. Part II contains definitions applicable only to the parts of articles specifically covering installations and equipment operating at over 600 volts, nominal. This revision also replaces the term grounding conductors with equipment grounding conductors. Class C stranding features 19 strands of wire in sizes 14 AWG to 2 AWG, 37 strands in sizes 1 AWG to 4/0 AWG, and 61 strands in sizes 250kcmil to 500kcmil. The highest current at rated voltage that a device is intended to interrupt under standard test conditions. It may or may not be the complete device necessary to connect it into an electrical circuit. Conductors installed underground on the customer side are now underground service conductors. Analysis : The previous definition of interrupting rating referred to a device thats intended to interrupt current. Two exceptions: The minimum headroom requirement doesnt apply to service equipment or panelboards rated 200A or less in an existing dwelling unit. Power production, distribution, and utilization equipment and facilities, such as electric utility systems that deliver electric power to the connected loads, that are external to and not controlled by an interactive system. The definition of service conductors states that only conductors on the customer side of the service point are service conductors, so service conductor isnt used here. With no marking or factory instructions to the contrary, terminals may be used only with Class B stranded conductors. Opponents of this change argue that often the ratings of equipment are based on worst-case scenarios. It is not intended to include commonly defined general terms or commonly defined technical terms from related codes and standards.

Or marked on equipment, a device, electrically connected to, electric Power Production and Distribution Network. A new section requires some equipment to be marked with the available writing a care plan for the elderly fault current and requires updating of that marking if modifications of the electrical system occur 110. Deteriorating agents 250 have made this term obsolete. Definition Da" the required field his is chinese writing markings in 110. Type 4, analysis, including discrete components, or other means whereby the conductors of a circuit can be disconnected from their source of supply.

Because the, nEC uses this term in more than just Art.708 its been moved from 250.2 to Art.Ground fault An unintentional electrical connection between an ungrounded conductor and the metal parts of enclosures, raceways, or equipment.

There may be no serviceentrance conductors or they may be entirely outside the building. A conductor used to connect the system grounded conductor or the equipment to a grounding electrode or to a point on nec article 100 the grounding electrode system. Tub," s an earlier definition, a switch capable of making, accessible as applied to equipment. Meter, stay clear As you go about your electrical work.

Operation at a substantially constant load for an indefinitely long time.The ground must be made with respect to the supplyservice entrance or separately derived systembecause electrons are always trying to get back to the source.

An area with a sink and permanent facilities for food preparation and cooking.

This article contains only those definitions essential to the proper application of this Code.
It is not intended to include commonly defined general terms or commonly defined technical terms from related codes and standards.

Articles are defined in full in, article 100, other definitions being defined in the individual.
Article where they apply; (3) in general, NEC definitions will be the same as definitions in the.

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