Android assign id to button

Void setForegroundGravity (int gravity) Describes how the foreground is positioned. DispatcherState for this view's window. Int Returns the delay before scrollbars fade. Void getHitRect ( Rect outRect) Hit essay rectangle in parent's coordinates int getHorizontalFadingEdgeLength Returns the size of the horizontal faded edges used to indicate that more content in this view is visible. Int getAutoSizeMaxTextSize int getAutoSizeMinTextSize int getAutoSizeStepGranularity int getAutoSizeTextAvailableSizes int getAutoSizeTextType Returns the type of auto-size set for this widget. Int getTotalPaddingStart Returns the total start padding of the view, including the start Drawable if any. Void setSaveFromParentEnabled (boolean enabled) Controls whether the entire hierarchy under this view will save its state when a state saving traversal occurs from its parent. Void setVisibility (int visibility) Set the visibility state of this view. OnGenericMotionListener l) Register a callback to be invoked when a generic motion event is sent to this view. Void setTextClassifier ( TextClassifier textClassifier) Sets the TextClassifier for this TextView. Int getCompoundPaddingRight Returns the right padding of the view, plus space for the right Drawable if any. Final int getMeasuredHeightAndState Return the full height measurement information for this view as computed by the most recent call to measure(int, int). Int getSuggestedMinimumWidth Returns the suggested minimum width that the view should use. Float getElevation The base elevation of this view relative to its parent, in pixels. Void setImeHintLocales ( LocaleList hintLocales) Change "hint" locales associated with the text view, which will be reported to an IME with EditorInfo. Void setSelected (boolean selected) Changes the selection state of this view. Void setOnCreateContextMenuListener ( l) Register a callback to be invoked when the context menu for this view is being built. Boolean isScreenReaderFocusable Returns whether the view should be treated as a focusable unit by screen reader accessibility tools. Void setAccessibilityHeading (boolean isHeading) Set if view is a heading for a section of content for accessibility purposes. Boolean requestRectangleOnScreen ( Rect rectangle) Request that a rectangle of this view be visible on the screen, scrolling if necessary just enough. Boolean verifyDrawable ( Drawable who) If your view subclass is displaying its own Drawable objects, it should override this function and return true for any Drawable it is displaying.

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Boolean awakenScrollBars int startDelay, int direction, if any. Void setHorizontalScrollBarEnabled boolean horizontalScrollBarEnabled Define whether the horizontal scrollbar should be drawn or not. Void setSoundEffectsEnabled boolean soundEffectsEnabled Set whether this view should have sound effects enabled for events such as clicking and touching. Void setHighlightColor critical essay on fahrenheit int color Sets the color used to display the selection highlight. And the vertical offset for gravity. Int measureSpec Utility to return a default size. Including both the top Drawable if any and any extra space to keep more than maxLines of text from showing. Int getExtendedPaddingTop Returns the extended top padding of the view. OnKeyMultiple, static int getDefaultSize int size, void setOnEditorActionListener l Set a special listener to be called when an action is performed on the text view.

An, android id is an integer commonly used to identify views; this id can be assigned via XML (when possible) and via code (programmatically.) The id is most useful for getting references for XML-defined Views generated by an Inflater (such as by using setContentView.).Assign id via XML.Add an attribute of android : id @ id /somename to your view.

Android assign id to button

Void setDrawingCacheBackgroundColor int color This method was deprecated in API level. Drawable bottom Sets the Drawables if assignment any to appear to the start. Final void setEditableFactory Editable, int visibility Called when the visibility of the view or an ancestor of the view has changed. Final void setTextKeepState CharSequence text Sets the text to be displayed but retains the cursor position. Void setRawInputType int type Directly change the content type integer of the text view. Void Drawable start, void addOnUnhandledKeyEventListener listener Adds a listener which will receive unhandled KeyEvent. Int getMinWidth Returns the minimum width of TextView in terms of pixels or 1 if the minimum width was set using setMinEmsint or setEmsint.

Widget.TextView void accessibilityNodeInfo info, String extraDataKey, Bundle arguments adds extra data to an, accessibilityNodeInfo based on an explicit request for the additional data.Void setRotationY (float rotationY) Sets the degrees that the view is rotated around the vertical axis through the pivot point.Float getAlpha The opacity of the view.

View focusSearch (int direction) Find the nearest view in the specified direction that can take focus.

I am trying to create a button by Dynamically and also i created.Now i want to write the function for click Event So i need the id for, button.I Dont know How to Create id for button ide me Thanks in Advance Here My coding.
So far i have an array list that hold the buttons and the correct answers letters, then i loop through the array lists and assign the buttons text to the letters from the correct answers array list but causing a force stop with no errors.

I think that the.
ID is not your problem here, you have tu put the layout android :clickabletrue because you are already adding the id, isn t it?

Zozelfelfo Jul 4 13 at 13:41.
Assign the id at runtime by dequeue ing the, id (removes it also from available, id s).