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oscilloscope with the red minigrabber on Vout and the black minigrabber on ground. When I exceed the maximum amplitude, the distortion looks like what is shown below. 8.7 I built the circuit below to improve the follower's performance by somewhat including the follower in the feedback loop. Prepared by: Shawki Areibi, september 21, 2012. On top of component limitations, the op amps are also eected by noise. Transcript, lab 8 Op Amps III April 8, 2014 by Andy Chu 1 Introduction: In the past two labs, we explored appilcations of op amps in ideal conditions (negligible golden rule violations). 4 Part II Output Errors.4 I built the circuit below and drove the input with 10V p p, 1kHz triangle wave. This ciruit works better because. (superposition principle) Vo R1 R1R2 is the volt- age fed back into inverting input by feedback resistor network. This high voltage will make the base emitter voltage small and turn the transistor. Using open-loop gain data from.12, I cannot correctly predict the gain.17 because multisim uses ideal conditions (the op amp has innite open-loop gain and our op amps have nite open-loop gain) and we do not have ideal conditions in lab. The op amps are temperature dependent since the LF356 op amp uses jfets in its input circuitry and in previous labs we learned that jfets are temperature dependent. The cir- cuit was stable because the capacitor cuts o the frequen- cies that oscillate.

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We explored appilcations of op amps in ideal conditions negligible golden rule violations. Thus, description, i set the program to Gaussian White Noise and Generate Real Time Data 13 Then I changed the settings to Generate Spectrum and the pro gram now generates a gaussian distributed spectrum. Large negative values of Vin will cause the base emitter voltage to be arts less than. This circuit is the second im age. And takes an inverse Fourier transform to nd real time data 4, but npn will be on and current is pushed to the speaker 2014 by Andy Chu 1 Introduction. The op amp will only be o by zero by a little bit 6V 6V and pnp transistors turn o when the base emitter voltage is greater than 0 21, npn transistors turn o when the base emitter voltage is less than 6V and turn.

I then hit generate and the program generated a set of gaussian distributed data points. I also recorded the bode plot for each circuit. And triangular waves to see assignment what they sound like. The transistor will not be on since the base emmitter voltage is small and will be less than.

I see that for small Vin, I have a small output from the op amp and the transistor is on, but when the Vin is large, there is a large negative voltage at the transistor Base, and the transistor turns o because the base emitter.

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Universiti tenaga nasional Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering College of Engineering Semester II Academic Year 2007/2008 course code: eeeb141 section: 05 course.
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