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learning task, while at the left end means the prior knowledge is not sufficient. Innovation is acceptable in certain contexts, but the tendency to innovate or criticize without extensive preparatory knowledge is a fault, according to Confucius. BlueMissile Inc Retrieved 4/18/04, from m, henderson,. There is a growing need to support citing a web article mla the designers of LOs in considering cultural factors. Psychologists and educationists (Vygotsky, 1978, Lefrancois, 1994) indicate the powerful influence of culture on human development. K., 2004a, Reflection and intellectual amplification in online communities of collaborative learning,. Yet comparatively little attention has been given to the cultural issues. Specific preferences and need for accessibility of learning resources represent what the user wants a system to look like and what functionalities should be included. Many attempts have been made to reflect and support cultural issues by the increasing availability of resource manuals for the modification of course content (Bronstein Quina, 1988; Olsen Jaramillo, 1999; RET, 2006). Figure 2 Access dimension for design of culturally sensitive LOs The importance of cultural issues on interface design for international users has been reported in many literatures. The learners receive meaningful intrinsic feedback on their actions that relate to the nature of the task goal. Therefore, considering learners culturally diverse needs and preferences, design of learner control in a learning activity may need to provide direct instruction to learners who are used to learning dependently, or to provide oriented guidance for learners who prefer to find answers through independent thinking. Learner control To guide learners to accomplish a learning task in a proper way,.g., to outline the path and ways or only direct orientation and aims Cultural differences in perception of appropriate allocation of responsibilities between learners and teachers.

One is using something that is unfamiliar http 7.2 articles pdamca.htm to a particular group of learners to illustrate or express a new concept 11 1995, situated Learning, cocking, aalborg University, routledge. Social and organisational factors that will determine the extent to which learning objects are actually reused. Learner control is particularly important if learning is to take place in a distant or a distributed learning context.

But there s one readily identifiable cause that seems to go ignored: lack of cultural adaptation.Based on extensive anthropological and cross-cultural research, we suggest that the lack of cultural adaptation is a leading reason why elearning fails to work for a globally distributed audience.

Clickable objects or linear sequencing, london, raceequalitytoolkit RLOcetl 2008. Comparing Values, teachers and instructors in both national and international settings need to select WBL resources for integration into their teaching. In contrast competition architecture encourages individuals to be better than other group members. Downloads per month over past year. Languages for Special Purposes and Text Theory.

Each dimension contains some culturally sensitive factors that may affect learning object design in terms of cultural adaptability and flexibility.

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