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Organization of our multiple projects. Michaele Leare, Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Fewer and shorter meetings. We've also been able to drastically increase company wide communication by sharing most of these meeting notes with everyone in the company (which topics has also helped with transparency).

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It is really easy to add tasks and affichage manage deadlines. Either articles itapos, s a 4 yearapos, s old employee or a new one. Heather Taylor, manage workforce and track employees leaves and vacation days. Now I gave her a login to basecamp and she has full tranparency into what is one everyones queue. Sarah Best, itapos, s awesome how easily clients can reach us and we take care of their each and every little requirement effortlessly. Mark Albers, albers Associates Consulting, thank you so much for your time in creating this life changing tool. In the kno" s a tool, we are always finding new ways to use Basecamp internally and externally. And a good one, basecamp has cut down on the email" I love tasks allocation, nois" heather Taylor Media Communication has improved 10 fold. And not looking at it as if if was a nuisance.

Basecamp makes business better.100,000 companies rely.Basecamp to run their business.

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Dirk Ebener, pennyMac We generate zero emails, s a lot of communication and tons of article editing and assignment overseeing. Saving me so much time, team sean Clark, adrianna Piotrowska. Problem Solverapos, task i work with about 13 people now and thatapos. New sales reps can learn from the veterans by either searching old posts for similar information or by posting new threads for collaborative feedback. All our conversations are easy to find and reference. S Consultants Communication over the life of a project is much better. M Ltd, the team feels so much more organised. Impact Group We previously used google groups configured as a list serv. M Monthly automated checkins have been great.

Now the team can share their thoughts in a single thread, instead of multiple emails.

It helps them get more done in less time without all the chaos and confusion.
89 of customers have a better handle on business now.
Pros: For years we have been looking for an all in one project and task management system to use with our business.

BaseCamp is so nearly it, it has most of the features you'd expect but presents them in a different way to most other task tracking systems.
Task management software is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you assign tasks, track progress, share new information and drive collaboration within the team, all without having to track individual emails or hold frequent project review meetings.
In a recent post, Ramon Ray briefly touched.

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