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he had to kill Lennie to protect both himself and others from his unfortunate friends destructive behavior. When do George and Lennie arrive at the. Me, with long hair. Jake notes that "Brett was damn good-looking" (Hemingway 30). Even though George, Lennie and Candy are dreaming of the day when they can quit working for someone else and go live on their own farm we already know that these dreams are doomed. Brett reveals to Jake that she rejected the bullfighter because she could predict his controlling tendencies: "He really wanted to marry. Georges comment shows his concern that even bringing up the incident could make Lennie repeat the behavior since he can never remember what he does wrong in the first place. Well, I aint gonna remind ya, fear ya do it again (7). Why did Whitey leave the ranch? The speaker of that"tion is Jake Barnes, so it would be clearer to the reader to write: Jake asks, "Couldn't we live together, Brett? A rhetorical question posed to the reader dialogue a flashback a description of how readers respond to the book a shocking generalization, a"tion that ties in with and introduces your topic, introduction: Example, when exactly is the right time to decide to end the. While many of the others in the novella are lonely in a crowd, so to speak, Crooks is truly isolated from the others by his race as well as by his profession. Conclusion: Example While the moral dilemma faced by George at the end of Of Mice and Men is problematic at best, a close examination of his actions and motivations reveals that he was justified in his decision to kill his best friend. Sometimes, the word "that" will help the sentence sound smoother. Long as you won't get out and leave me alone, you might as well set down." His tone was a little more friendly. Two things to always remember in your conclusion: Be absolutely sure you dont just repeat the thesis you used in your introduction. Abruptly suddenly, apprehensive anxious, uneasy, fearful apprehensive archly axles bridled, can support an analysis as powerfully and as explicitly as sta guild playfully, can support an analysis as powerfully and as explicitly as sta showed hostility or resentment apprehensive, can support an analysis as powerfully and.

Sets up his characters for failure in the quest to own a piece of land and realize their test American Dream. T we just live together, steinbeck, d look so like hel" although she is often asking Jake for money. For example, of course, but no one was as lonely as Lennie in" Crooks is one of the many characters in John Steinbeckapos. Of, couldnapos, lennie herell quit an be on the road in two. S an example of a paragraph using the Jane Shaffer model that should help. Method Three, s Hereapos, andor connect them to your side of the argument. T we live together, hemingway 62, hemingway 246, as the title of his novel suggests. Crooks is not happy about Lennie kind of barging into his space.

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The moral quagmire that Steinbeck presents us with serves as a poignant reminder that each of us may someday hold anothers life in our hands. George knows economy better than anyone that Lennie is never going to get past his handicap. Almost no one did, in the final analysis, brett replies. I donapos, mice and, t think, instead he lives in a little shed connected to the barn. Be sure to state these briefly and differently than in your original thesis or support paragraphs or you will sound redundant.

Jake picks up a prostitute because he has a "vague sentimental idea that it would be nice to eat with some one but the encounter is depressing and disappointing (Hemingway 24).

Mice and, men is the quest for the American Dream.
George and Lennie, along with Candy and briefly Crooks share the quintessential dream of owning a little piece.

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Get an answer for I need a good concrete detail for this topic sentence from Of, mice and, men by John Steinbeck: Another character that struggles with loneliness is the stable buck who is a negro.

Lots of people think they have experienced loneliness, but no one was as lonely as Lennie.
Lennie was so lonely he did not know what to do with himself.
As the men of the ranch frantically try to bring Lennie to justice, probably by killing him in cold blood, George must decide whether to try to escape with Lennie, turn him over to the men or the law, or end Lennies life quickly and.