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For your science fair project, include charts in your written report and on your project board to make your results pop.Collecting Data The first step when making a chart for your science fair project is to collect and organize data.

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A chart may have one or more data series. Labels may be attached to the major tick marks. E 8 g kg1 163 g, depending on whether you want them in one Figure Window superimposed using hold on in a matrix in one Figure Window using subplot or in multiple Figure Windows using figuren. The air leaving the desiccant wheel is exhausted to the environment 2, answer, in Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook, humidification. Data in Test 1 represent the as found articles conditions of a poorperformance installation.

Natural zeolite was used in part to investigate its suitability in desiccant cooling systems.A corrosion resistant aluminum sheet with a thickness.5 mm is used along the circumference to provide complete sealing.

The zeolites are irregular in shape, 46 mm in size, and packed freely in the desiccant bed.

Chart elements: Excel s dialogs and Help topics speak of the various parts of a chart as e compulsory elements of a chart are the chart area (includes everything within the borders of the chart the plot area (generally delineated by the vertical and horizontal.
In fact, most good science fair projects have at least one graph.
For any type of graph: Generally, you should place your independent variable on the x-axis of your graph and the dependent variable on the y-axis.

Be sure to label the axes of your graph don t forget to include the units of measurement (grams, centimeters, liters, etc.).
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