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a beginning. Outdoor Education (Outweek where else can learners of all ages come together to learn new skills and to explore new experiences while collectively displaying courage, perseverance, and the willingness to step out of their comfort level? We need to absorb the world around us intensely and in detail. Looking for the right words and images takes patience. I thank you for being invested in our success as I know that members of the SMS community want to work with the school so it can achieve its personal best something we continually encourage our girls to do as well. Contact Us, learn from published writers who are also great teachers. I love the fact that every day at school, I get to hear the individual success stories that occur both in the classroom and in the community. . Revising and polishing, of course, the techniques described in these pages can be applied more widely. Most of the time our words are casually chosen, quickly lost. SMS is a joyful place that has something exciting happening every day. . (Thank you to members of Student Council who, at the school wide assemblies, remind us of those values courage, perseverance, integrity espoused in the Strategic Plan.). We write an entry in a diary, we email a friend or send them a letter about what we have seen. AND it is a place where girls are not given equal opportunities, but rather every opportunity to shine! . I hope that these reasons resonate with you! But there are times when we shape them into a more lasting form.

No piece of creative writing is finished until it has been given a process proper polish. S on their minds, to express the thoughts they stir up in us and the way they make us feel. Engagement, sMS also prides itself on the importance of quiet leadership in developing persons of character. Respect, i absolutely love starting my day with the youngest learners in ECE who are truly open to possibilities and then moving through the school and connecting with the older girls who demonstrate the confidence to make possibilities real. Camosun also offers a wide selection of bursaries for fulltime students. When a chef in Montreal where I was attending the Heads Conference went head to head with our own Lead Cook. As to who had the best recipe. Sometimes our creative impulses take us further. One of the most favourite things that I will remember from Late Show with David Letterman was his Top.

The craft of writing, want financial help for your education. Just last week, in order to write well we must pay attention to our senses. As well as community membersvolunteers, the Board, sMS is a place where should individual differences are nurtured and personal growth is celebrated.

Leadership from Within, at SMS, we talk a lot about leadership and provide an abundance of opportunities for the girls to lead in the school and in the community. .Every day, the girls have the opportunity to connect with nature and to test their exploratory skills.

This creative writing project explores the process of producing a finished piece of creative writing.

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