Assignment on eight p's of marketing

They assume that consumers are primary interested on the availability and low prices of the product. Hotels usually keep a close relation with press reporters and invite them often in order to introduce a new product or campaign and these writers can present the new launch in an effective manner. The production concept says that consumers will prefer those products that are widely available and highly affordable. These are indefensible assumptions. The focus of marketing in Hotel Sheraton is on customers needs, demands and wants. Ends, product, attributes and, features. The success of organization is also dependent on the service-oriented attitude of all its employees that is very crucial in a service industry (Morrison, 2002 c). List Price payment period, discounts Financing Credit terms Using price as a weapon for rivals is as old as mankind. Example: Bank like Standard Chartered. It often takes time and requires market research to develop a successful marketing mix. Promotional mix is the accumulation of all the efforts taken by the seller to ensure that the product reaches the consumer. The Societal Marketing Concept. So, a customer may call marketing mix the offering. The customer is required to pay to the company after a specific period of time with pre specified interest rate.

Assignment on eight p's of marketing

This segmentation helps in recognizing the group that possess the disposition to purchase their services and products so that their marketing strategies can be more aligned towards this particular group and can work in a more efficient manner Morrison. Effectiveness and social responsibility, place Placement It not only zombies includes the place where the product is placed. Hotel Sheraton is a hospitality organization that uses the concept of integrated marketing. Warranty, compare installation, pricing strategy not only related to the profit margins but also helps in finding target customers. Technology based advertising is the adaptability policy of a hotel. Customer needs and values, placement Distribution channels Logistics Inventory Order processing Market coverage selection of channel members Promotion Promotion includes all communication and selling activities to pursuade future prospects to buy the product. After sale services, marketing activities should be carried out under a wellthoughtphilosophy of efficiency all those activities performed by the company to ensure the availability of the product tot he targeted customers. Price includes the pricing strategy of the company for its products.

Analyze marketing strategies in reaching markets with their products or services.Continue with a detailed description of marketing management strategies used in the implementation of the marketing plan.Conclude with the integrative strategies used in todays global environments to reach targeted.

Social factors like lifestyles of people. This is common in hotel industry where the competition is growing day by day or in industries where they are constantly aiming to lure their target marketing customers. The company keeps its price low and targets to cater a mass market.

It assumes in selling concept that customer who are coaxed into buying a product will like it; and that if they do not, the y will not bad-mouth it or complain to consumer organizations and will forget their disappointment and buy it again.To get more information, please contact us or visit m, related Assignment Samples.So the consumers are getting the most priority and so also the environment and in the total the social welfare and wellbeing of people.

1.3 Evaluate the relevance of consumer markets in the industry.

To market products, every company needs to devise a successful mix of launching the right product at the right price, at the right place through right.
However, the practical usage of marketing mix by the companies depends on the size of the company, chosen business marketing strategies, the benefit.

In completing the course our course instructor gives us an assignment on New Product By preparing the report we will be able to gather knowledge about the diIIerent types oI #ationale oI the Study As oui couise teachei has given to piepaie this assignment,.
The services marketing mixThis part discusses the special issues concerning the marketing of services.

This is not to imply that the principles.
Ensure that your marketing strategy is put into the action, not let to gather dust on a shelf.
Assign each task or activity due for implementation within.