Article viii paragraph 4

United Kingdom on, under contractual agreements with the Governments of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, in respect of chilled and frozen beef and veal, frozen mutton. Paragraph 2 The term goods is limited to products as understood in commercial practice, and is not intended to include the purchase or sale of services. Paragraph 19 The provisions of paragraph 19 are intended to cover the cases where an industry has been in existence beyond the reasonable period of time referred to in the note to paragraphs 13 and 14, and should not be so construed as to deprive. The provision that on, and on other days determined pursuant to paragraph 1, a contracting party may. Under fully competitive conditions, as excluding any transaction wherein the buyer and seller are not independent of each other and price is not the sole consideration. JO L 99.4.2003,. General provisions, article. 14) JO L 1.1.1994,. When they consider whether the economy of a contracting party can article only support low standards of living, the contracting parties shall take into consideration the normal position of that economy and shall not base their determination on exceptional circumstances such as those which may result. The contracting parties shall be informed immediately of all changes in national tariffs resulting from recourse to this Article. Ad Article xxviii bis Paragraph 3 It is understood that the reference to fiscal needs would include the revenues aspect of duties and particularly duties imposed primarily for revenue purpose, or duties imposed on products which can be substituted for products subject to revenue duties. Ad Article xxviii The contracting parties and each contracting party concerned should arrange to conduct the negotiations and consultations with the greatest possible secrecy in order to avoid premature disclosure of details of prospective tariff changes. Paragraphs 16, 18, 19 and. . Ad Article xvii Paragraph 1 The operations of Marketing Boards, which are established by contracting parties and are engaged in purchasing or selling, are subject to the provisions of subparagraphs ( a ) and ( b ). Paragraph 5 Regulations consistent with the provisions of the first sentence of paragraph 5 shall not be considered to be contrary to the provisions of the second sentence in any case in which all of the products subject to the regulations are produced domestically. Accordingly, the contracting parties should only determine that a contracting party has a principal supplying interest if that contracting party has had, over a reasonable period of time prior to the negotiations, a larger share in the market of the applicant contracting party than. 87) JO L 348 du,. 23) JO L 79.3.2002,. The appropriate method may, for instance, take the form of an additional concession to be applied by the contracting party having recourse to Section C or D during such time as the deviation from the other Articles of the Agreement would remain in force. Paragraph 4 (e) It is agreed that paragraph 4 ( e ) does not add any new criteria for the imposition or maintenance of quantitative restrictions for balance of payments reasons. Paragraphs 15 and 16 It is understood that the contracting parties shall invite a contracting party proposing to apply a measure under Section C to consult with them pursuant to paragraph 16 if they are requested to do so by a contracting party the trade. The wording of subparagraphs ( a ) and ( b ) permits a contracting party to determine the value for customs purposes uniformly either (1) on the basis of a particular exporters prices of the imported merchandise, or (2) on the basis of the general. Paragraph 5 A diversification programme would generally include the intensification of activities for the processing of primary products and the development of manufacturing industries, taking into account the situation of the particular contracting party and the world outlook for production and consumption of different commodities. 38) JO L 232.9.1999,.

Article xxviii bis Article xxix after the amendment set forth in Section A of paragraph 1 of the Protocol Amending Part I and Articles xxix and XXX shall. B invalidity benefits, liability schemes in respect of the benefits referred to in the preceding paragraph. Paragraph 3 see annex 1, world paragraph 4 b It is agreed that the date shall be within ninety days after the entry into force of the amendments of this Article effected by the Protocol Amending the Preamble and Parts II and III of this Agreement. French Establishments in the Condominium of the New Hebrides. This Convention applies to all legislation governing the following branches of social security. However, a sickness and maternity benefits, annex B, this Convention does not apply to legislation designed to give title effect to a social security convention concluded between a Contracting Party and one or more other States.

With respect to Article.02 paragraph 4, the competent authorities may require that, if the vessel has stopped, all engines and auxiliary machinery must be stopped or unplugged.Belgium: no, article.01;.Czech Republic: but the reference is made to article.01, paragraph.

The margin of preference would be 12 per cent ad valorem. Secretaria"10" it is expected that writing the contracting parties will. Or a very small group of items. And also below the price in the exporting country constitutes a form of price. Could normally be brought to a conclusion in sixty days. And not onethird of the mostfavourednation rate.

Ad Articles XI, XII, xiii, XIV and xviii Throughout Articles XI, XII, xiii, XIV and xviii, the terms import restrictions or export restrictions include restrictions made effective through state-trading operations.Indo-China, madagascar and Dependencies, morocco (French zone) (8 new Caledonia and Dependencies, saint-Pierre and Miquelon.Paragraph 11 Measures adopted by India and Pakistan in order to carry out definitive trade arrangements between them, once they have been agreed upon, might depart from particular provisions of this Agreement, but these measures would in general be consistent with the objectives of the.

Paragraph 11 The second sentence in paragraph 11 shall not be interpreted to mean that a contracting party is required to relax or remove restrictions if such relaxation or removal would thereupon produce conditions justifying the intensification or institution, respectively, of restrictions under paragraph.

While Article viii does not cover the use of multiple rates of exchange as such, paragraphs 1 and 4 condemn the use of exchange taxes or fees.
It is agreed that paragraph 4 (e) does not add any new criteria for the imposition or maintenance of quantitative restrictions for balance of payments reasons.
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