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Roman Numeral, Arabic) and gives you the option of selecting the starting at number. . Header Footer Group, click on the, page Number writers seminars and workshops icon. If your paper includes additional sections (for example, if your Approval topically applied Page was added as a separate section from your Title page you may have to experiment with linking and unlinking sections from each other - unlink a section if its page numbering will. To do this, you will use the same method as above, but delete the page numbers from the first section of your document. If you do not already have a "Section Break" between these two sections of your document, you will need to add one. . Place your cursor at the very end of the text in the first section (after your Table of Contents and any Lists of Tables and Figures being careful NOT to place it in the footer where the page number is (if the text above becomes. This should give you your desired numbering for the opening sections of the thesis. Firstly, make sure you have selected the area where you wish the page numbers to be differentiated (the page before Chapter1). To start, temporarily turn on the viewing of hidden formatting symbols by clicking the "Show/Hide" symbol on the "Home" tab in the "Paragraph" box - this will enable you to see the Section Breaks between sections of your document. Go down to the next page below the section break (in this example, the first page of Chapter I and click on the page number in the Footer. . View this video and or see the written sections below on how to achieve this). Click the "Delete" key on your keyboard to delete the page number from this section. . In this example, we want Section 2 (which begins at Chapter I and contains the main text of our thesis or dissertation) to use Arabic numerals and to start numbering this section from page. . and tell Word whether to continue the page numbering from the previous section or to start at "1" or another number. . If your cursor is in the Footer, you should see "Footer -Section #-" to the left, and "Same as Previous" on the right. If you want continuous pagination that is all in the same format, go to the Insert Ribbon, and in the. Page numbering should continue on in roman numerals until the first page of Chapter 1 is reached. . This is currently page i, and it doesnt look great.

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Iii, click the" you can do it sectionbysection as well. You have more complicated pagination, select the" next to" Button if it is highlighted to unselect it and unlink this section from the section above. Desig" one of the required page numbering changes for your thesis or dissertation is that you need to use Roman numerals. quot; then click" to use different page numbering schemes in different sections of your Word document. I Unlin" navigatio" between each section of your document where the numbering will change.

See Also: How do I add page numbers in Microsoft Word?One of the required page numbering changes for your thesis or dissertation is that.This page will inform you about page numbers, including.

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And tick the box corporate marked different first page. Now we add the numbers, keep the section break and make whatever changes add need to be made to keep everything else in its place. You will first set up the lowercase Roman numerals. Choose the appropriate placement of the number and a style.

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This will allow you to modify the page number in the first section without affecting this or subsequent sections.This is not a beginners guide to Word.Step-by-step how-to instructions are included below for adding page numbers in Word 2010, Word 2013 or Word 2011 for Mac.

For example, Rackhams guidelines require that the page numbers begin on the third or fourth page of your document (depending on if you include a graphical frontispiece) and the page number on that page should be Roman numeral.

In Wo rd 2010, you can edit the headers and footers by double clicking in the space.
In a document like a dissertation or thesis, page numbering is not always simple.
They have to change between different sections of the document.

KU Thesis and Dissertation Formatting: Page Numbering.
Informatio n for University.
Printed Instructions (Page Numbers Word 2011 for Mac).

In particular, issues of page numbering (sounds simple:.
how to achieve correct presentation of a thesis using Word is surprisingly difficult).
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