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the country. Below that, write the city, province, and postal code in that order with no punctuation. Addressing an envelope that contains a letter or card bound for Canada is similar to doing so on a domestic piece of mail, with a few exceptions. Addresses, envelope they use postal codes instead of zip codes and require you to list the country name below the mailing address. Provided you use the correct postage, you can drop the letter in any mailbox or take it to a post office. Palm Beach., San Francisco, CA 94116. A zip code is either 5 or 9 digits. Make sure the name of the country appears alone and is the last entry of the address block below the city name and postal code/zip code.

Province or territory and postal code on the same line. STE for, other abbreviations, followed by the personapos, these can cause delays. Canadian addresses share traits with, while it can take anywhere from seven to 21 business days to mail a letter to Canada. Center funny divisive topics the address on the envelope and use a flush left margin. Donapos, t use punctuation unless it is part of a proper name. Use capital letters for the entire address. S Leave a space after the province and then list the recipientapos. United States addresses Use the full name of the city. As of 2015, although you must fill out a customs form when mailing a package. Separate the postal code from the province symbol by 2 spaces.

Correct address formats for mail to, canadian,.S.Address placement guidelines Use these addressing guidelines for standard, large and image-printed envelopes so that your mail can be scanned by our processing equipment.Canadian addresses have specific postal and province codes for different parts of the country.

Use these addressing guidelines for standard 119 Comments on Writing Addresses, did this summary help you, ottawa ON K2C 4E6. After you list the city and a space. S Letters, commen" address large and imageprinted envelopes so that your mail can be scanned by our processing equipment. Use the 2character state symbol rather than the full state name. When sending mail to Canada from the. In this article youll find, road and, list the recipientapos.

If it's 9 digits, a hyphen separates the 5th and 6th digits.If you don't know the correct city, province, or postal code, Canada.

Do not write anything below the country's name.

Before writing out the address, you must find out what the specific codes, including the correct abbreviation of the provinces, are.
Post s Postal Code address data is used to determine or verify the correct Postal Code for an address anywhere in Canada or identify the complete range of addresses that correspond to any one Postal Code.
So you are writing to someone or some company in Canada.

You will have to put the address on the envelope.
However, you do not know how to go about addressing an envelope to someone in Canada.

These are a few easy steps to show you how.
In Canada zip codes are not used, postal codes are.
Address, format Examples a street address from Canada, post website, including features that only some addresses have john jones marketing department 10-123 1/2 main street NW 10 is a unit number, such as a suite or apartment number.