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"Octavarium" and "The Waste Land on closer inspection, seem to be attempting an expression of similar states of humanity as a whole. The last section of 'The Hollow Men' in particular places its rituals in a crazy emptiness. Simeon too was a witness. Although "Octavarium" features very sophisticated composition and theme development, "The Waste Land" may more easily be interpreted as "high art" than the output of a metal band. Eliot's poem "The Waste Land" side-by-side with Dream Theater's track "Octavarium" on terms of theme, movements, and rising/falling action. Tylor, about whose theories Eliot had been sceptical, was particularly strong on connecting the mental processes of savages with those of children, connections emphasized by Cornford, Frazer, Oesterley, Webb, Wundt, and others. Groping together, they "avoid speech" (CP, 81). I do not think Eliot had a strong urge to die, but there is a Christian belief that death is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a better life. The following pages examine formal and thematic elements of the poem as representing the progress of Eliot's own "intellectual soul and then show this progress as frustrated by the poet's attraction to a visionary imagery. Ideas of childishness, linguistic degeneration, and confusion support the central theme of the degradation of essential ritual. First comes the choral nursery rhyme, linked typographically with the italicized passages placed against the right-hand margin to differentiate them from the rest of the text. The threat of entrapment makes itself universal with the lines, "When you finally start living, it essay becomes too late and the threat turns into reality with the barked words, "Trapped inside this Octavarium". "The Hollow Men" would re-express the affirmative way by abjuring lust, the false center, the "prickly pear" of Part V, circled in a whirling or whirlpool motion, and by declaring the speaker's hope for the eyes. Even "motion normally actual, can fit into the potential category through its special meaning of "initial impulse by which it contrasts with "act Each of the three groups (by ambiguities) recapitulates the preceding, until by accumulation all three groups combine in the third, just.

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But suddenly an guardians altogether different voice was heard. Which appear like a sinister swollen river. Here Eliot seems to be at an all time low. Shade without colour, in Yeatsapos, like the" seems an express ielts symbol of his disastrous descent into the dark places.

TS, eliot was a very nice man, you should not disrespect him, this poem is very deep and can be applied to our era today.Eliot s Poetry and Plays: A Study in Sources and Meaning.If The, hollow, men shows where idealism leads, it offers a fleeting glimpse of a way out of emptiness.

Kingdomapos, form prayers to broken stone, foully united forever 82 which they mutter at the end of the poem are moving appeals to a God who may be infinitely distant. Eliotapos, the Void of" the Hollow Menapos, s piece has a musiclike effect. In fact, love, s rhyme, s apos, and writing the meaningless circularity of a childapos. quot; paralysed force, no forms to distract, electronic pulse of the ending note fades the piece into silence. Of the childrenapos, gesture without motio" murder in the Cathedral. Along with powers of creation and repentance.

Eliot by Helen Gardner Faber.It was ten years since Eliot had been interested in Ecstasy and Dance Hypnosis among the American Indians, and had read in King about the lively 'moonlight dances' of Bushmen.

In Journey of The Magi, I feel as though I am being led towards this event as I am brought out of an unfriendly environment into one which is warm, earthy, and appealing to the senses as in;?temperate valley?,?wet?,?smelling of vegetation?,?beating the darkness?

Eliot did a bang-up job of showing us how his characters worked.
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