How to know the author of a wikipedia article


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Serif fonts are helpful in body paragraph text, as the individual serifs serve to guide the eye across each character.On the other hand, there's no Passion Pit entry at all in Encyclopaedia Britannica.

It was first supplied with Windows.1 (1992) and was one of the core fonts in all subsequent versions of Windows until Vista, when to all intents and purposes, it was replaced with Calibri.

Es una expresi├│n anglosajona utilizada en los ├║ltimos tiempos en el comercio internacional para denominar los conocimientos preexistentes.
I know, wikipedia has been critised for not being exactly truthful sometimes, but I would rather trust it than any newspaper and biased news programmes.

Students are always told, Never use.
Cite a, wikipedia, article in MLA Format.

Never cite an author who self-published their work.
For example, Wikipedia would be closed down if it was completely open and had no controls against vandals.
Can you tell us more about how and why, wikipedia goes about creating process?