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the hospital. I also saw the Radiological describe the scene of a hospital essay and the Pathological laboratories where doctors were busy X-Raying the patients and examining their stools, urine, blood, etc. There I was restricted to enter. Advertisements: All this gave me an idea of utter suffering and I could not resist feeling that if all the people attending on our patients in the hospitals do their work with responsibility, the hospitals will become really a boon for the society. The hospital presented a cheerless sight. He enquired about the welfare of all the patients one by one and that too very sympathetically and patiently. He had a road accident and I thank God that his life was saved by the worthy doctors and surgeons there. The morning scene of a village is really an experience to remember. People waiting, anxiously, for their turn to see the one who will determine what is to become of their existence, like one would look unto God.

The career look of some peoples conditions threatens my eyes not to behold them the write second time. Outside the operation theatre, describe a village you know well. They were not doing anything in particular. Paramedics wheeling in patients on trollies.

My friend has been lying ill in the Civil.Hospital for some time past.Description of, hospital essaysA chill ran down my spine.

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He had got a head injury. MegaEssays, hire Writer, chronological order of a descriptive essay is the order of time. Firstly, i saw patients lying silently on their leads. FOR only, i passed through the surgical ward, hospital i'm writing my own scene for some time past. Then I saw the casualty room. quot; there was silence and gloom persuasive topic ideas everywhere.

I gave him a few illustrated magazines and he was happy.The rooms were neat and tidy and there were separate arrangements tor out-door and in-door patients.

In the next ward patients were lying pensively on their beds.

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A Visit to a, hospital.

A visit to a hospital in a whole lot of experience in itself.
The hospital corridor is stuffy and the air has an undertone of bleach.

The scene at the surgical outdoor ward was no different.
How can you describe a hospital.
Later I was asked to undress my top wear.