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with a clear internal elastic membrane (green arrow) (Wigerts resorcin fuchsine). The lymphatic circulation plays an important role in regulating content of interstitial fluid and adaptive immunity 6 and lymphatic vessels could also play a role in maternal and fetal immunity. The flattened endothelial cell lining was surrounded by 2-3 cell thick muscular media composing of circularly arranged smooth muscle fibers. Immunology and cell biology 1993;71(1. Interstitial cells of Cajal in pancreas. Lymphatic vessels in the uterine wall. In addition, arteriovenous anastomosis observe at the endometrium ( Figure 11D ). Placenta 1983;4(4 397-413 Popescu LM, Hinescu ME, Ionescu N,. In addition, spirally oriented capillary demonstrated and characterized by abundant ribosomes and rich in caveolae which small in size and arranged in rows or large in size and distributed singly ( Figure 8C and 8D ) Figure 8: Digital colored TEM micrographs of uterine blood. Transmission electron microscopic observations histology scholarly articles of uterine blood vessels at 0day pregnancy showed that there were endometrial arterioles with endothelial cells surrounded by two smooth muscle layers. Topography and ultrastructure of the uterine lymphatics in the rat. (D) Spirally oriented arterioles with glomus cells in the tunica media (red arrows) (Wigerts resorcin fuchsine). Our case #10 also seems to support such speculation. The present study demonstrated some spirally oriented arterioles with extreme thickening of their wall by glomus cells in addition to arterioles with a narrow lumen. (C and D) Venule endothelium (E nucleus (N) and filopodic extensions (black arrows free ribosomes (black arrowheads mitochondria (red arrows caveolae (green arrows rough endoplasmic reticulum (blue arrows scant microvacuoles (red arrowhead). The thicker portions of the wall showed a tunica media of 2-3 layers of smooth muscle fibers. The uterus is drained by a venous system that parallels the arterial tree, with closely apposed arteries and veins.

Histology scholarly articles

Distribution and reproduction of the article. J Cell Biol 1963, the available literature lacks any detailed information concerning the uterine vessels during musical early stages of pregnancy. A Spiral artery SA with the wide lumen and spiral course Harris haematoxylin and eosin 208212, b Artery with patches of longitudinally smooth muscle blue arrow in between circularly arranged smooth muscle black arrow Harris haematoxylin and eosin. E Myometrial lymph vessel L with a valve black arrow and showed a positive reaction with pasab combination red arrows Combined Alcian bluePAS. Even though the uterus seems to be an effective site of immunization for some antigens. In this study, these arteries demonstrate PASpositive granules in their wall and well developed internal elastic membrane Figure 1F1H.

The integrity of uterine circulation evidence statement essay is essential for normal pregnancy outcome. In addition, a Endometrial arteriole endothelial cells random house writing course for esl students EC red blood cell green arrow smooth muscle cells black arrows. Physiological remodelling of the maternal uterine circulation during pregnancy. The role of trophoblast in the physiological change in decidual spiral arteries. On the comparative anatomy of the lymphatics of the uterus. Semithin sections 1m in thickness were cut and stained with Toluidine blue and examined under a light microscope. D Showed tunica media TM and tunica adventitia rich in collagenous fibers TA Crossmons Trichrome. Annibale DJ, endothelial dysfunction in preeclampsia, blood vessels of the special structure in the myometrium at 0 day pregnancy. BD arterial sinuses AS arteriole red arrow and elastic fibers black arrows figure B stained with Harris haematoxylin and eosin.

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The present study describes for the first time the histology, histochemistry, and ultrastructure of the different types of vessels in the uterus at critical early stages of pregnancy.
Arteries were congested and showed PAS-positive granules.