Where does the placeline go in an article

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Best Answer: That s referred to as the dateline.It s right at the beginning of the story, and looks sort of like this: NEW york - The stock market was higher today.It identifies where the writer was located, and/or where the story takes place.

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The difference between article and section Theres been a lot of confusion over the difference (or perceived lack of a difference) between the article and section elements in html5.

The byline on a newspaper or magazine article gives the name of the writer of the article.
Bylines are commonly placed between the headline and the text of the article, although some magazines (notably Reader s Digest) place bylines at the bottom of the page to leave more room for graphical elements around the headline.

In design, a byline is a short phrase that indicates the name of the author of an article in a publication.
Used in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other publications, the byline tells the reader who wrote the piece.

If you do have a choice about the topic, you might be able to write an article that is related to your own personal experience or family history.
That would certainly give you a strong framework and a dose of perspective.