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clone -recursive t, if you already cloned but forgot to use -recursive, you can update submodules manually: git submodule update -init. Visprus#0 Visio Process Repository A site for viewing, sharing, and storing Visio process diagrams. Includes a welcome page with a search box that connects users to four search results page experiences: one for general searches, one for people searches, one for conversation searches, and one for video searches. This Search Center will not appear in navigation. Members gain reputation points by participating in the community, such as starting discussions and replying to them, liking posts and specifying best replies. How can I accomplish this with PowerShell? This site template brings all status, communication, and artifacts relevant to the project into one place. The main welcome page features a simple search box in the center of the page. Windows PowerShell specific issues should be opened. It includes a home page, a News site, a Site Directory, a Document Center, and a Search Center with Tabs. It provides lists for managing the agenda centre and meeting attendees in addition to two blank pages for you to customize based on your requirements. Blankinternet#0, publishing Site, this template creates a site for publishing Web pages on a schedule, with workflow features enabled. MPS#2 Decision Meeting Workspace A site for meetings that track status or make decisions. Spssites#0 Site Directory A site for listing and categorizing important sites in your organization. The site includes document and image libraries for storing Web publishing assets. Get PowerShell installed in your environment. Here is an example: June 29, 2018By, the Scripting Guys 1, summary: Send and receive content to the Text-to-Speech API with PowerShell. Just use an array of names and then add them. We have a Gitter Room which you can join below. If you do not see your problem captured, please file a new issue and follow the provided template.

Could you show me an example. Publishing Site, description 2018By The Scripting Guys 0, an example to create a Team site would. Policyctr0 Compliance Policy Center ppsmasite0 PerformancePoint productcatalog0 Product Catalog A site for managing product catalog data which can be published to an internetfacing site through search. Offile0 obsolete Records Center obsolete This template creates a site designed for records management. WMI, powerShell in Azure Cloud Shell, access Services Site. XML, sTS2 Document Workspace A site for colleagues to work together on a document. CSV, this template creates the Press Releases subsite for an Internetfacing corporate presence website. Group0 Group A site template used to create a Group. Template ID, etc, windows Management Framework WMF effect wMF contains PowerShell.

Learn how to use, powerShell.PowerShell is an open-source project and available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

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And a login page, spspers3 Storage Only SharePoint Portal Server Personal Space writing This web template defines a minimal Personal Space with Storage features for an individual participating on a SharePoint Portal. A place where community members discuss topics of common interest. A tasks list for assigning todo items. PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell is now availlable in public preview. We dealt with the Heavy Lifting which really wasnt that heavy June.

Chat Room, want to chat with other members of the PowerShell community?MPS#3 Social Meeting Workspace A site to plan social occasions.There is also the community driven PowerShell Slack Team which you can sign up for.

For more information on how and why we built this dashboard, check out this blog post.

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Summary: Using the Get-Random Cmdlet to select a random list of names instead of numbers Hey!

Id like to pick a random name from a list to generate user names in my lab.
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Core is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) automation and configuration tool/framework that works well with your existing tools and is optimized for dealing with structured data (e.g.
Json, CSV, XML, etc.