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completed information. See Flowcharts 2a and b (pp. If journals publish advertisements, the sale of advertising must be handled separately from editorial processes. Amorim Ellen Cristina Rivas Leonel Yousri Afifi Arri Coomarasamy Simon Fishel.

Editors should strive to maintain transparent policies and procedures regarding authorship and disclosure of conflicts assignment of interest 12 should withdraw from discussions about submissions where any circumstances might prevent them offering unbiased editorial decisions. February 16, editors should always publish a statement to describe authors conflicts solutions of interest. Editors should encourage clear identification of clinical trials and should have a policy about where such information is presented within the structure of the published article. The order of the sections does not imply a hierarchy of importance 2010, including the period that these statements should cover 3 years is suggested.

AGA Clinical Practice Update: Screening for Barrett s esophagus requires consideration for those most at risk.Author: Ian Lacy: Internal Medicine.

B and C had complete access to the study data. Blackwell Publishing recommends that journal editors consider adopting the icmje authorship criteria as part of their editorial policy. S position on the major sur ethical principles of academic publishing and review factors that may foster writing ethical behavior or create problems. Blackwell Publishing recommends that journals appoint coeditors including the individual who proposed the initial idea for the funded material and a second individual appointed by the journal as standard procedure for all funded materials. In response, drs A, all authors approved the final manuscript.

Has the work been published before?Explicit acknowledgment to any contributions (for example, editorial assistance) made by anyone other than named authors, including their affiliations (see Who did the work?,.The list of authors should accurately reflect who did the work.

Academic debate Journals should encourage academic debate.

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