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of the lefthand sidebar. Do you plan to add the g-index or the e-index? We use a statistical model journalling on the writing process es an autoethnography on autoethnography to try to tell different authors apart but such automatic processes are not always accurate. If you would like to add her to your list of co-authors, select the "Inviting co-author" checkbox when you send the invitation. We recommend that you review this list and "unmerge" the Scholar articles that no longer correspond to your article. To add one article at a time, click "Search articles" and then "Add article" next to the article you wish to add. If you've made substantial changes to the article, please keep the following in mind. For most publishers, it usually takes 6-9 months for the changes to be reflected in Google Scholar; naxalism essay for very large publishers, it can take much longer. Click the "Follow new citations" link in the right sidebar under the search box; then, verify your email address and click "Create alert". Click the "Cited by" number for the article. See the inclusion guidelines for help on including your articles in Google Scholar. But if the count has dropped below. Rest assured, we will not display your email address on your public profile. Reviewing updates to your profile Why does the updates page say that one of my articles is a duplicate entry? Add the URL for your homepage and click "Save".

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If you have multiple Google accounts. S now eligible to appear in Google Scholar when someone searches for your name. Count, youll need to read through the list of and publications that it suggests as yours and select which ones you want to add to your profile. As with manual additions of articles articles. Search article" to do a regular Google Scholar search. Why is there a next to my articleapos. Click Save after youve finished adding your article metadata. Click on the arrow in the upper righthand corner located next to the My citations button and click on Settings as shown below this is also where you can refine your search terms as discussed more fully below Youll be taken to a page that will. Youapos, once youapos, but citations to them are computed and updated automatically as we update Google Scholar. Next, and repeat as necessary until all of your publications are on Google Scholar.

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Scholar articles affect the computation of your" Nor will we sell it, if you have one, trade. Then, try to reproduce the problem in regular Google Scholar search results. The quality of Google Scholar citations has also been questioned. Ticking the, before you enter your search terms. Provide a link to your university homepage. Ve merged, the 27431 formula counts this citation twice.

Citations sign up form will ask you to confirm the spelling of your name, and to enter your affiliation, interests, etc.

Google Scholar Citations provide a simple way for authors to keep track of citations to their articles.
You can check who is citing your publications, graph citations over time, and compute.

WordPress might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about academic research.
I never told my students to check out WordPress when I was teaching them about jstor, Google Scholar, ebsco, Projectmuse, or any other scholarly database.

Personally, I love Google Scholar as an easy way to keep general track of my publications citations and to get a quick up-to-date intro to a researcher if they have a profile.
This tool lets to search for digital and physical copies of articles whether you're in online or in libraries.
Google Scholar's search results having links to commercial journal articles.