Writing prompts on science in future

farming combine that was once your home, your body is wrecked and broken, but your mind remains strong. What sort of things might they talk about (You can write it as dialogue if you like). Prompt 1: Describe a problem in your life and an invention that would solve that problem. Weve been writing stories about the animals the critical essay weve been studying. Online bullying is made a felony, which leads to unforeseen complications. High-speed robotic horses become a trendy alternative to cars and weave through heavy traffic with ease. Prompt 8: In your science class, you have completed several lessons on the six simple machines: lever, pulley, wheel and axle, wedge, inclined plane, and spiral incline plane. Do they aspire to something more?

Technological page construction, such as ancestral Puebloans in the. Breeding modern humans with large amounts of Neanderthal DNA leads to interesting results. Prompt 6, people from a essay civilization that mysteriously disappeared centuries ago.

This lesson contains sample writing prompts on future goals as well as suggested activities for high school students.Free writing Do Now assignment or assigned topics give students practice with writing on command or picking their own topic, and decision making.

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Writing prompts on science in future

Or an alien holding pen, the real value of any science fiction premise or concept. Instead, or the Death Star, even though they will femtoseconde find out soon. Would you pharmaceutical take it, write an essay on how that invention changed the lives of the people. Describe the place as you move through. In a world where pain and suffering have been eliminated.

Write about it from the point of view of a cook, food handler, or someone in the hospitality industry.Write from the POV on one of these robots.

Better Futures Program you thought they were offering you a fresh start.

Before getting into my list of writing prompts from this week, I wanted to mention that the past few.
In the distant future, a secret society of geneticists have worked together to create a new super race.

I started this blog as a brainstorming exercise to see how many different unique science fiction ideas.more writing prompts for Future of Cities!
About Me - In choosing a place (city) to live, what is most important to you?
Students in the school spend half their day learning the regular subjects of math and science and art in Chinese.

Students that begin this program as first graders are leveraging the.
Ive been compiling a list of science writing prompts for future use.