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Science fiction and fantasy have been part of mainstream Russian literature since the 19th century.Russian fantasy developed from the centuries-old traditions of Slavic mythology and ssian science fiction emerged in the mid-19th century and rose to its golden age during the Soviet era, both in cinema and literature, with writers like the Strugatsky brothers, Kir Bulychov, and.

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The 19th century is traditionally referred to as the "Golden Era" of Russian literature.
Romanticism permitted a flowering of especially poetic talent: the names of Vasily Zhukovsky and later that of his protégé Alexander Pushkin came to the fore.
Pushkin is credited with both crystallizing the literary Russian language and introducing a new level of artistry to Russian literature.

Science fiction - Soviet science fiction: Only the gargantuan world of Soviet state publishing could match the production.S.
The Soviet promotion of scientific socialism created a vital breathing space for science fiction within Soviet society.

The genres often allegorical nature gave Soviet writers of science fiction many creative opportunities for relatively.
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Russian literature: Russian literature, the body of written works produced in the Russian language, beginning with the Christianization of Kievan Rus in the late 10th century.