How to write a precis paper

and spiritual existence from the cradle to grave. Great care must be taken to avoid lapsing in to direct speech- a very common fault. . Well offer a guide that will help you deal with the requirements for this challenge. Whatever the case is, the approach is going to be the same. English, therefore, did us great good in the past and if properly studied will do immense good in future. At this stage a suitable title, which is usually asked to supply, can be looked for. The précis is objective, unlike a critical analysis, which evaluates the argument and use of evidence within an article.

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Precise Writing Tips, carefully read the passage several times to  apprehend clearly its main theme or general meaning.

A critical précis is a clear, concise, and logical summary of a passage preserving its essential ideas only.
Before writing a précis, make sure you clearly understand its peculiarities and specification.

Write a one or two sentence summary of each section or subdivision of the article.
Reread the article to compare it with your summary notes.

Begin writing, using your paraphrase of the thesis and your one or two sentence summary statements.
Many writers today wonder how to write a precis.
To make it short, the purpose of any critical precis is to provide a summary of the original text.