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bring up the tweet once more only this time with the m URL visible. Some people have pointed out how advertising could become a bigger part of Twitters strategy, with inline media helping to encourage more of that. David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images, related Articles. Will you start creating Twitter cards? You can pick more appropriate one and post the tweet pretty easily. Your character count article will reflect this. It had gained more popularity when celebrities started to use it actively to connect with their fans. Twitshot extracts images from URL even if it is in shortened form. Using variety to keep your followers engaged It can be easy to get carried away with something that shows so much promise like this, but dont forget that your followers probably want to see some variety from your Tweets. One problem with twitter comes while tweeting links. Once you've sent the tweet, got your Twitter profile, find the tweet at the top of your timeline, and click on the timestamp to open the tweet in a new modal window. But Ill recap them quickly here:. Using your browser menu, we need to "View Source" to see the html code behind the display of the tweet. With only limited amount of characters, it made people to share information, express their feelings and comment on a particular issue. Since you have room for only one image, you have to pick only one. Tweet this image, but adding an image to a tweet this link isnt as easy as you might expect. Paste it in after the link to your article. Using, buffers built-in analytics, we were able to look at the number of clicks, favorites and Retweets each of our Tweets received.

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What if you want to create other Tweets with a clickable image. And you can tweet article link with image tap to open the full image. Its not surprising that Twitters focusing on images and videos uploaded to the service itself. Connect, and heres how it looks in the Twitter stream. Heres what Tweets with images look like now. The tweet sent will look like this. Or even if it is, here are the stats taken from averages of our last 100 Tweets. Heres what the new Twitter stream looks like on Android. When clicked, images are automatically expanded as a preview. All links URLs posted in Tweets are shortened using our service.

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Upload an image, if youapos, id love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Its hard to guess from the outside but it probably wouldnt be a big leap to imagine more inline media in the future. Were still seeing some great engagement on Tweets that include a link without an image. Search for an image, and here is another one, and a page filled with html code will open in a new tab. If you cannot see the itter URL then try rightclicking on the tweet and selecting. As you can see from our analytics near the top of this post. I recently covered some big changes that Twitter has made. In fact, so today I am laying out 2 ways in an easy to follow stepbystep image tweet process.

At this point, the Twitter card is created and you can use it as many times as you like to post new tweets with the card.

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Tweets are shortened using our service.