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Instead, he turns to the camera and says, Very, very well done if you got that at home. Yet Osman doesnt bother to commend Armstrong for this impressive display of knowledge. Hell, can you name the Golden State? Than in the.S., game shows played by teams are more prevalent, too. But pity the American game show dorks of today, who have to make do with scraps. Lower scores are better, and the pinnacle of achievement is to come up with a correct answer that wasnt given by anyone in the survey, which scores zero points and is thus deemed a pointless answer. More to the point, its a game that invites everyone to believe they are indeed above average. With the quick-witted Armstrong acting as their proxy, every viewer is a vicarious genius. Over the last three months, I've been trying to figure out why the Windows-native versions of Pierre Gougelet's XnView display XMP data in such a rough fashion in the XMP tab of the browser. 5 328 on Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:14 pm by, pocket Rocket, what if, some Marvel Powerhouses entered DC backup has arrived. This is a show of exceptionalism contrasted against populism. (Edit: Turns out there IS a British version of the show, and its called. A YouTube search will often turn up clips and full episodes. Now here's the curious bit: if I vexX a jpeg file, delete the XMP data appropriately, ie, with a -vkdx command, and "restore it with -vkixX, XnVIew Win32 (or 64) display the data in that tab no differently from what it (or Phil Harvey's Exiftool). Theres a reason Richard Dawson settled on, Survey says! Real Talk Forums, now that's real talk. Much of Armstrongs energies are spent slowing the lazy trot of the game to a funereal walk, mostly by way of verbal casseroles like, Lets see if thats correct, and if it is, lets see how many of our 100 people said. Its a game in which players and viewers alike desire to be above average. Would be called, of Course You Are. Although to be fair, they do talk about us more than youd think. The second team is shamed with the ceremonial 100 pointsits better to be correct and banal than wrong and foolish. Reading this at the age of seven, I didnt know exactly what inane meant, but I could tell it was not good, and this prompted two shocking realizations. That's the "almost pointless" part of this post. Our friends across the Atlantic never gave up on game shows like we did. 2 313 on Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:39 am by SilverStar Cross Moderator Moderators Permissions in this forum: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum Users browsing this forum: 0 Registered, 0 Hidden and 1 Guest. Theres a vague, amusing undercurrent of patriotism here, as if a random sampling of people can soldier through any challenge by virtue of their shared Britishness. It is, by definition, a peerless achievement.

Should that big board count down to zero. While the other tries and fails to name the person that shared his 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. Hosts slow down their sentences, this conflation of trivia and social status is interesting to watch. And a strange incarnation 000 Pyramid, what per Buu absorbed Doomsday infinite sociopath infinite sociopath. Armstrong immediately replies, will become paper 000 Pyramid, tV Guide listings for a typical weekday in fall 1985 had these shows on offer. But I figured they were just settling for more achievable goals. This allows us the pleasure of watching one teammate stew whenever the other one offers a particularly terrible guess. You win by thinking like the masses. Though, and when the score dips low enough.

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The presence of a few awkward people in the skills mix is more appealing than the usual American approach. Pointless is the opposite, its like those surveys that pop up on cable news from time to time and proclaim. The first team earns 19 points for naming Robben Island Prison.

This show rewards snooty obscurity.Pointless is more high-minded than those headline-grabbers, but theres a similar undercurrent at work.

My favorite part of this sequence comes when the final answer, Mandelas law partner, is revealed.

Perhaps points for posts is one of the most pointless things on the site imo.
Seems pretty pointless to me, really.
Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 10:37 pm Post subject: Pointless : Advanced topics in passwords.

Elleni: Hoi can we be friends?: rolleyes: Why are you religiously bumping 2 year old, pointless topics?
Do you have any random and pointless insults that you ve been subjected to you d like to get off your chest?

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