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means to propel or cast in any way, especially to project or propel from the hand by a sudden forward motion or straightening of the arm segway examples for writing and wrist. The Segway Human Transporter is an innovative segway examples for writing devise by Dean Kamen that provides flexibility and potential increase in transit movements for short distances. The right one, the left Motor increases Speed and the right Motor slows down.

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Learn how to use segue and segway with definitions and example sentences at Writing Explained.I will discuss the meanings of each word, and I will use each of them in example sentences for contextual reference.

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This means of transport would also be useful to the middle and lower class members of the French society who can not comfortably afford fuel for private cars, since it has its own battery.Last week I changed this Setup and the two boards have been replaced by the nsor, which combines the two elements.

This will save it from quickly being unpopular worldwide like could be the case in America.

Additionally, I will show you how to use a mnemonic device to remember.
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Segway will begin our global strategy by exporting our products to Japan.

The company will set up distribution centers in Japan.
For example to find out whether the product being imported conflicts with the law, you need to inquire at the.
Definition of Segway - a two-wheeled motorized personal vehicle consisting of a platform for the feet mounted above an axle and an upright post surmounte.

He came to the ceremony from his home a couple of blocks away on a Segway, one of those motorized two-wheeled scooters.
Segways incredible line of personal transportation vehicles makes getting around easier than ever.
Experience the future of personal mobility today.