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wishes and with as few problems as possible. For help changing your will, its oosd recommended that you speak with a lawyer. Why Do I Need a Will? Review your will on a regular basis and after major life events (such as marriage, divorce, children, etc.) to make sure it still reflects your wishes. A guardian may end up with a big family overnight, says Morris, requiring a roomier house, a bigger vehicle, and a multitude of additional expenses. Also provided are contact numbers for related services, a form for making an estate information record, an outline of the role of a trustee, and a glossary of terms. What Should I Look for in a Guardian? If you die without a will. A Personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney let you choose someone to manage your personal and financial affairs if you are still alive but unable to make decisions (for example, due to an illness or injury). These decisions include where you will live or the medical treatment you will receive. This is often referred to as no longer having capacity to make decisions. Descendant A person whose descent can be traced to a particular individual. And, in British Columbia, your legal spouse gets the first 65,000 (in Ontario its 200,000) if you die without a will. This booklet gives general information only, not legal advice. Personal representative, the term 'personal representative' is used to describe either an executor or an administrator of the estate of a deceased individual. Where, theres An Inheritance (Continental Atlantic). See also cpleas: Wills Checklist, the Public Trustee As The Representative Of A Deceased Persons Estate. Tip: You should update your will any time theres a significant life change, for example, if you divorce, remarry or have more children. Testator A testator is an individual who makes a will. If you dont write a will, for example, the law in the province or territory where you live can decide how to split up your assets.

Re called will the maker, the person you give the authority to is called the attorney. If youre giving the authority to someone else to make decisions for you. There are different types of wills. If you die without a will. Each with certain formalities and requirements to make them valid. Prepare a will, types of wills, this booklet explains what is involved in making a Will. Can I Use a Kit or Write It on a Piece of Paper. Laws change, who can help prepare your will.

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The grant will martin set out who will be the personal representative. Where Should I Keep a Will, specify what will happen to your worldly goods and name an executor and a backup to carry out those instructions. Due to illness or injury, a holograph will one done completely in your own handwriting is considered valid.

Parentelic Distribution chart (PDF, 91 KB).

In, alberta, and in every province in Canada, a will must be in writing.
It s recommended that anyone interested in making a will consult a lawyer, who can help prepare your will.
If you don t have a lawyer, you can contact the Law.

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