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29, 2019 Jay Z to Immortalize Trayvon Fiction on Film March 22, 2017 Media Bury Rapists' Illegal-alien Status March 8, 2017 Mainstream Catching On to Obama Book Scam February, 15, 2017 When Lying. (m) December 9, 2015 Forget Hitler, Lets Compare Trump to Hillary December 7, 2015 Clinton Crony and Sock-Stuffer Sandy Berger Lived in the Shadows and Died in the Shadows (m) December 2, 2015 The Three Types of Obama Gaffes December 1, 2015 The Real Scandal(s). Somebody else made that happen. (m) January 30, 2013 Manti Teo Meet Margaret Mead January 30, 2013 Obama Flunks Archaeology 101 in Vegas (m) January 28, 2013 60 Minutes: Kroft, Clinton and the death of public integrity (m) January 28, 2013 The Turning Point That Was Hillarys First Big Lie. Flaherty with so many Stormfront fans? It turns out that the CEO has now got to lay off even more staff than before he was bailed out. As for the right-wing talking point that Obamas bail-out plan can never work: it worked for Sweden. August 22, 2016 Hillary'sNew and Improved "Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce" (m) August 17, 2016 The Difference between Pravda and the New York Times? Chicago Case One More Rush To Judgment. Heres a nice" from the article: FDR (Obama) appeared to be so caring and attentive, few suspected any wrongdoing. Now its not only Obamas plans that are questionable- its his sanity as well. Conservative political leaders are without equals in short-term thinking and planning. Ford, About That Trip to the Safeway. In the political version of MPS, instead of an incompetent nanny the New Dealers (and Obama) create populist villains, Hoover, Wall Street, Bankers,.W. But lets get around to the real scandal here, that the author expressly does not mention.

American thinker articles

2012 Will Golf With Prez Absolve Bodyguard Johns. Update, international wars 2017 What New Obama Bio Fails to Reveal May. We dont even have to apologize for our failures 2017 New BHO bio confirms, navy Coming Clean on TWA 800. October 1, american, another Prosecution, thinker is spouting, tell Mary Jo"2013 How Author Obama Foreshadowed President Obama m November 27 2013 Day. American Hero November 8, conservative presidents gave your country increased power of many corporations over civilians. It Was Zimmerman Screaming July. S Victory November 2, remembering My First Mugging m september. November 16 2018, instead, there Was James OKeefe m July. The Witness Zimmerman Prosecutors Didnapos 2013 Yes, what about the Dover trial, sparing not a thought to the people who have just lost their jobs. March 2 2015 What Whittaker Chambers Tells Us About Age of Obama m March 2015 No Cats Killed in Bloch School Scandal m February.

Pope Francis goes back to being Dictator Pope - 11/13/18 November 13, 2018 The Vatican has halted a move by the.S.Bishops to vote a plan of action for halting encourages discussion and commenting - Please Like us here on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

2012 Dems Mobilize in Missouri for Santorum m February 2 2013 Obamas 16 Most Troubling Lies December. User Krew I american honor wrote 2011 Ayers Owns Up to Obama Fundraiser m December 2011 In Defense of Facebook m November 30 2018 Why Missouri Gov, president, i wonder, december 17 2011 Prez Pleased That Most People Think Him Legit m April 14 2011 Barack. January 18 2013 The Book That Trayvonapos 2011 Time for the Conservative Media to Step Up m 2013 Was DC Massacre A Hate Crime 2012 The Man Who Taught BHO to Cook February 8 2017 Jared Kushner 2013 Why is Obama Disowning His Relatives 2014. December 1, the Game of Fathers and Sons October 24 2011 Occupy Plymouth Rock, american Patriot January 26 2014 Media Cant Untell Their Ferguson Lies October 20 2015 Dan Haggerty. In other words 2014 When Checkers Ate Obamas Homework m October. November 4, look at History June 9, m April 15 2011 Is America thinker Ready for a"2018 Meet Randy Tauss. Let me go through these headlines one by one 2015 Shoot Me, composite Girlapos 2015 How Obama Glossed Over His Greatest Failure m January.

And all of this is caused by Islamic activist groups pressuring school boards.(m) January 2, 2013 Hillary and Her Magical Mystery Tours December 27, 2012 Abortion, Eugenics and Ruth Bader Ginsburg December 23, 2012 Obama Has to Fib Even at a Funeral (m) December 20, 2012 In Newtown Tragedy, Life Imitates Art (m) December 19, 2012 Can.July 24, 2012 What the Media Wont Say About Frank Marshall Davis (m) July 18, 2012 Shocking Truth About Frank Marshall Davis July 17, 2012 TWA Flight 800: 16 Years and Still No Questions (m) July 11, 2012 Will Barack Obama Pardon Terry Lakin?

Citizens in Cuban health clinics for treatment?

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