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Safeguard Plans (SSP) may be required for each remote access end-user site. PDF ) to aid in the calculation of the Weighted Teraflops (WT) values of high performance computers. Contacting the Foreign Commercial Service Officers in the.S. This is good supporting information and absolutely should be included. Submitting complete information on the end user and end use will avoid delays in processing these types of applications. The upper portion of Amazons product detail page shows the products name, image, and descriptive bullet points all important for content optimization. The end-user must certify the SSP and the exporter may participate in all aspects of the SSP generation and SSP delivery to BIS. In, sEO: The Case for Optimizing Amazon, my article last week, I reviewed the growing importance of optimizing products for Amazons massive internal search engine. End-user, end-use, commodity Name and Description, quantity. In this case, the exporter will have to obtain a certified addendum from the end user. If you are exporting or re-exporting to companies that are not Chinese legal entities under Chinese law, you should submit a BIS-711 form in lieu of the End-User Certificate. Its a waste of an opportunity to market to your customers, an annoyance to your customers, and a missed opportunity to influence SEO. People's Republic of China (PRC) End-User Certificates. Make sure you include any information on the "old" system being upgraded. For example, the bullets in the image below contain no mention of the word baby, likely because in the sellers mind its obvious that the product is for babies. The title is the name of the product, with additional relevant product content article product details added. Amazons search results for organic muslin swaddle blanket. Since very few documents exist in English, it has sense to operate through a local partner familiar with the process and who can effectively navigate your registration. Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket is made with 100 organic cotton muslin. These reports must be submitted to BIS no later than the last day of the month following the month in which the shipment took place. Organic muslin and organic cotton items coordinate so your babys onesie will match her swaddle blanket. Moftec officials have informed BIS that to expedite the issuance of the PRC End-User Certificate, the applicant or the end user must ensure that all the relevant information is included.

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Brights Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddle Blanket. BIS encourages exporters to either product content article submit the enduser certified SSP with the application product content article or to obtain the SSP while the application is being processed. We take care of timelines and terms. Briefing the certifying agency should it require additional information on this process.

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You should provide your customers with the following information. Is content necessary for each system see Supplement 1 to EAR Part 748 and you must identify the WT value of each proposed system listed on the license. Look to your keyword research to identify ways searchers describe products like yours. Even products that have been for sale on the US and European markets for many years require product product testing to Russian standards as well. And universities undergo closer scrutiny than most other end users. Military end users, regardless of the search engine, optimizing Product Content.

Use the bullets to call out your products relevance in the phrases that your customers use.

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