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- Requirement 9 - Results 10 - Designated Tooling 11 - Nonconformance No Prepared by 13 - Date 14 - (extra column as needed) 16 Example Characteristic Evaluations 5 Char. In Reason for Partial FAI put in ECO# 9 Index of Part interactive writing video clips Numbers or Sub-Assembly required to make assembly. Goodrich white fields optional information required when available. The hands-on fair workshops require that the organization make available several fairs for the class to audit. Details" Who should attend This practical and interactive 2-day 'hands-on' training session and workshop is intended for a broad audience of quality engineers, quality professionals, inspectors, manufacturing engineers/managers, internal auditors and other staff who have to undertake and document a fair ( F irst. 6 - Reference Location 7 - Char. Public course Our public courses are run at the Woodland Grange Conference Centre in Warwickshire The course fee includes a 3-course lunch and refreshments on each training day Course dates On-site course In-company courses may be organised at any time and are extremely cost-effective. For 'on-site courses we will require six fairs (either ones they have submitted to a customer and/or ones received from a supplier). For processes that require verification per Design Characteristic, include statement of compliance (e.g., certification of compliance, verification indicator such as accept, etc.). Session #4 Part requirements Evaluation activities the FAI process Definitions of review and verification (ISO 9000:2015).5 Evaluation activities Workshop reviewing and verifying fairs.6 Partial or re-accomplishment of FAI Summary when should FAI be performed? The host company is responsible for the venue costs.

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15 Part 16 Part Name 17 Part SN 18 FAI Report 19 thru 24 Signatures and Dates Required by Goodrich Yellow Blue White Required Conditionally Required Optional 7 1 Goodrich Part Number The actual part number and that is being FAI 2 Part Name. Changes in manufacturing look at AS9102 for details When is a Partial FAI used. Note, suppliers choice 10 Designed Tooling or Measurement Devices If a specifically designed tooling including NC programming is used as a media of inspection.

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These fields must be completed by when information is available.For part marking, ensure that marking is legible, correct in content and size and properly located, per applicable specification.Acronyms, Terms and Conventions, drawings, characteristics and specifications, understanding part terminology.

8 Additional Changes Always N/A 8 What is a Full FAI?

First, article Inspection is to provide objective evidence that all engineering design and.
AS9102 Rev A - Aerospace.
First Article Inspection, requirement.

Aerospace, first Article Inspection (FAI) training course.
AS9102 is a structured framework to plan and complete actions of the product realization cycle which are.
Note: This activity is often referred to.

AS9102, Rev B - Aerospace.
During a, first Article Inspection, companies will: Perform a production run; Select parts or assemblies to test; Inspect and test each part; Document the results.
The objective of this 2-day practical and hands-on course and workshop is to explain the requirements of AS9102:2014 (BS EN 9102:2015) Aerospace first.