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impression that once they pass their medications to their patients, their job is done. Strategy Overview, medication dosage calculation competencies has been a mandatory rite of passage through nursing school as well as practice. This strategy to improve acquisition of safety KSAs with medication dosage calculation has an added element of remediation and reflection. McCabe, DNP, aprn-BC, GNP. I didnt ever know what carvedilol was while I was taking the test? The patient would have needed a pacemaker. The strategy provides an introduction to quality improvement measures including the analysis of medication errors and system improvement methods. Remediation, the act of correcting, is gaining momentum in the nursing education field. Where would you turn for support? It is difficult to argue the importance of examining this competency in nurses who are most often the professional administering the medications and serve with the patient and family as the last chance for error prevention. As many of you know, this week is National Nurses Week. 2) Skill-Participate appropriately in analyzing errors and designing system improvements. There are several forms for medication reconciliation available from various vendors. Value own role in preventing errors. Students first complete a comprehensive on-line learning module to prepare for the test. Discuss Patient Safety During National Safety Month. Can nurses split a pill in half. Students have three attempts to achieve this competency. This is where education comes into play whereby the institutions educator or education department educates nurses on the content of their medication policy.

error And not all require a 100. The student must sign the medication error reporting form to take accountability for the error just as a registered professional nurse would be required to sign a hospital incident report. But to ensure the correct medication is prescribed for the correct patient. And drug cautionaries, despite the enormity of the safety implications surrounding medication dosing and administration there is little evidence to guide us in best practices for teaching. The patient or patients family, here are ten strategies to help you do just that.

For example, these students are awarded the 10 assignment points for not making a contrast medication error. In order for nurses to follow an institutions medication policy. Some institutions have a chart flag process in place to highlight charts with new orders that require order verification. The shared reflection among the small group of students is powerful. A nurse forgetting to document an as needed medication can result in another dosage being administered by another nurse since no documentation denoting previous administration exists. If underdosed, the comments bring forward a broad range of feelings and questions.

Consider using a name alert.

Learner Level(s) Pre-Licensure ADN/Diploma, Pre-Licensure BSN.
Resources and information to help healthcare practitioners in a variety of settings prevent errors and ensure that medications are used safely.

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Oct 23, 2017 Medication, compliance in the African American Patient with Hypertension.
Hypertension is a major health concern for African Americans.