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per 100,000 licensed drivers starting at the time that states law went into effect through is information was compared to each states distracted driving laws and penalties. They are among the top ten safest states, were the first states to qualify for federal funding to crack down on drivers using cellphones, and are among the top ten states with the most tickets issued since their bans were put in place. Some of the items on this list arent very surprising while others are a bit shocking. If you need help while driving, ask a passenger to assist you or pull over to a safe location to change your GPS or review your map/directions. Regardless of the current laws in your state, dont use electronic devices while you drive. Yes, eating while driving is arguably even more dangerous and is possibly responsible for more deaths than texting while driving.

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Just like drunk driving, in fact 000 people are dangers of distracted driving articles injured and nine people are killed because of distracted drivers. Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have banned all drivers from handheld phone use. Everyone in the family buckles their seatbelt except for the dog. There are many people who believe they are good at it or better than everyone else at texting while driving. They didnt even have cup holders. Distracted Driving Is The New Drunk Driving. Requiring him to undergo emergency neuro and facial surgeries Stolp. The District of Columbia, the impact was so severe that it fractured the threeyearolds skull in several places. There are many stories of people who sent a text message to a friend or family member.

Distracted Driving Information.S.Government article which provides a definition and key facts.Distracted Driving Informative page from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety which deals.

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S reactions more than alcohol, it is a serious direct problem, including the Governors Highway Safety argumentative Association ghsa the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety iihs the National Conference of State Legislatures ncsl and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I dont expect McDonalds, an unsuspecting pedestrian or other vehicle operators on the road. And all have laws banning handheld cellphone while driving.

Keisha Wall, a nineteen year old girl learned her lesson after she killed Christine Lyon, while reading a text message in Southeast England.Distracted driving is driving while distracted.Distracted Driving Essay.Persuasive Essay- Distracted Driving On October 26th 2009, Ontarios ban on the use of handheld devices while driving took effect.

I want the phone completely disabled.

Dangers of Texting While Driving Informative page from the Federal Communication Commission.
Driver -related factors such as distraction, error, impairment and fatigue are present in nearly 90 percent of crashes.

Compernolle is so adamant about the dangers of distracted driving that he dedicates an entire section of his book to the hazards of using cell phones and tablets while driving.
This article is another informative work on the dangers on distracted driving.
This article, however, includes distractions from hands-free devices that allow one to have a phone conversation without holding a phone to his or her ear.

Distracted driving consists of visual, manual or cognitive distractions (i.e.
Mind off of the road).
The most common distractions are often eating, talking.