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in your country? The Sea Now we'll talk about the sea. Some of these speaking topics might also appear in the ielts Speaking Test July 2016, so use them for practicing your ielts speaking skills before your test. What things do you like doing together? Be critical and think about how you could improve vocabulary, eliminate any long pauses, or improve any sections experience vs education essay of your answer you are not happy about. Has your daily routine changed since you were a child? Do you think it's important to have a daily routine? Do you prefer paper or electronic dictionaries? Do you think reading a magazine or a newspaper can help you learn a language? Do you like to do theses activities alone or with other people? What are the benefits of planting more trees? Speak with friends, work colleagues, other ielts students, or online with chat. Sport Now we'll move on to talk about sport.

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Animals Now weapos, ll talk about animals, the examiner is also trained to watch out for scripted answers to ielts speaking questions so even if you are lucky enough to get a question youapos. Part 1 Questions inthis test cover. Ll talk about writing speaking Do you enjoy writing. Ielts are always coming up with new for topics or changing current ones. It will sound unnatural if it has been learned. Part 2 Cue Card topic, where you live, talk about.

In the, ielts, speaking, part 1 Section, ielts examiner will introduce him or herself and ask personal/general questions on about 3 familiar topic areas such as study, hometown, work, weather, the.Latest speaking topics, ielts, cue card topic questions solutions, how to prepare for, ielts speaking test.

S move on to talk about fashion and clothing. What kinds of food are popular in your country. Ielts latest topics for speaking ielts results latest topics for speaking ielts soft copy, full questions, australia.

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Do you do much exercise?Do you think that dreams can come true?Studies, id just like to ask you some questions about your studies.

How many hours a day do you spend watching television?

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Ielts, speaking, questions and, topics : In part 1 you talk about familiar topics.
Part 2 is a talk for 2 minutes on a given topic.