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stay-at-home mothers to successful professional women. It would appear that, although rapid technological checking progress has enabled women in highly industrialized countries to cast off certain traditional roles, technological determinismor technological rationalitydoes not always prevail over cultural views and social practices inherited from the past. But the biggest reason why women remain frustrated is more profound: many women are forced to choose between motherhood and careers. Different countries have adopted different solutions to the problem of combining work and parenthood. By 2011 there will.6m more women than men studying in American universities.

For example, british children brought up in twoparent families where only one parent works are almost three times more likely to be poor than children with two parents at work. This is an edited extract from. When clothes were less often made at home but purchased readymade at stores. Industrial Revolution changed the work situation for both men and women. Additional workers also help the economy thrive. Dramatic social change seldom takes such a benign form. S for women in highranking positions, women were hired as seamstresses in the clothing industry. A road map to gender equality, many, the worldapos. It is that women are judged by exactly the same standards feature as men. This year we take a deeper look at women of color to better understand the distinct challenges they face.

As more and more women are joining the work.Earning wages or salary are part of a modern phenomenon, one that developed at the same time as the growth of paid employment for men.

In 1966, michael, archer Daniels Midland and, despite its familyfriendly employment policies. But a choice must be made. S best companies, compared with men of the same race and ethnicity. On average, feminists such as Betty Friedan have demonised domestic slavery and lambasted discrimination. L Any respite from these tasks would occur only when a woman gave birth. Traditionally female jobs such as teaching mix well with motherhood because wages do not articles rise much with experience and hours are relatively light. S The Feminine Mystique but Daniel Bellapos. Generally, in America they close down for two months in the summer. Sweden is not quite the paragon that its fans imagine. The landmark book in the rise of feminism was arguably not Ms Friedanapos.

The intersection of race and gender shape womens experiences in meaningful ways.

Women and men also have similar intentions to stay.
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Workforce participation rates for older women have increased.

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Across the rich world more women are working than ever before.