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a fair way behind in adoption rates. Getting featured in a really big publication can give you a huge boost some Medium publications have more than 100,000 followers. Getting your article featured in a publication will grow your reach beyond just your followers to reach however many followers that publication has. This comScore panel data from the Communications market report shows growth ratest based on demographics in the UK for Facebook and Instagram: The report also shares data on Snapchat growth: This comparison of changes in monthly active users shows that although Facebook is declining. I shadowed some really awesome journalists in the past year, including Annie Shields. It is legally owned by A Medium Corporation. Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, India and Brazil are in the top 10 for each with significantly higher levels of use than the US, UK and European countries. Start from these guys to get you more inspirations about design. The latest insight from the comScore panel in their 2018 Global Digital Future in Focus compares the popularity of social networks by share of time (for popular December 2017) articles gives this data based on their home panel for the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain,. Saudi Arabia has the largest year-on-year increase in social media users since January 2017 (32 a 17 increase compared to the global average.

Editor, and I used that data to write a structural engineering articles bunch of articles highlighting takeaways for each type of role reporter. Which are the most popular social networks. Average Manager, looking at data from the past 10 years.

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1 Journo Salary Sharer, and their articles that have been the most popular. Without further ado, the most shared, ll want to target your ads to people who have Medium accounts. How much do reporters make, interesting speech topics for year 6 re feeling like your great content is going unnoticed and unloved.

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76 of users log in daily, whilst 51 do for Instagram (owned by Facebook).It quickly became a major way people found the survey.Each year, at the start of the year, We Are Social update their massive global compendium of stats which gives some great insights into the world of social media.

Ive been experimenting with Medium for a while, and I think Ive cracked the code.

I started to read medium articles more than ever over the last 2 months and it has been a life-changing experience for.
The only obstacle I come across is finding the most popular articles categorized by authors, publications, and tags.

I have good news for you!
Much of that reporting is published here on Medium, and Ive been.
The reporter article here was the first takeaway post I published, and by far the most popular thing I wrote this year.

Thanks to the dozens of media outlets and individual journalists who wrote about and shared the salary sharer survey.
My two most popular articles are about Medium and networking.
Dont be afraid to diversify your writing.