Why cant universities post articles legal

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Why cant universities post articles legal

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Post is an American legal scholar.Post is an expert in intellectual property law and the law in cyberspace.Until his retirement in 2014, Post served as Professor of Law at Beasley School of Law of Temple University in Philadelphia.

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Cum laude from, yale College in 1972, his.Beasley School of Law of, temple University in, philadelphia.Claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators earn a median annual salary of 55, 760 and employment projections by the bureau predict a 7 increase in jobs in this field by 2018.

4 In the book, Post draws a parallel "between the Internet and the natural and intellectual landscape that Thomas Jefferson explored, documented, and shaped." 5 The book earned positive reviews from legal scholars, including Lawrence Lessig, 6 Jonathan Zittrain, and Sean Wilentz.

Post received his.A.
Cum laude from Yale College.
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