Chemistry extended essay criteria

demonstrated as a consequence of detailed research and thorough reflection, and by a well-informed and reasoned argument that consistently and effectively addresses the research question. Any information that is important to the argument must not be included in appendices or footnotes/endnotes. Title, analysis of strawberry jellies by paper chromatography. While students should have a sense of the direction and key focus of their essay, it is sometimes advisable to finalize the introduction once the body of the essay is complete. Some research questions essay require some background knowledge that is not related to chemistryfor example, Do the fossils found in different strata of rocks at a particular location contain different amounts of sulfur? Please note that an index page is not required and if included will be treated as if it is not present. For experiments where numerical results are calculated from data obtained by changing one of the variables, it is generally good practice to show one example criteria of the calculation. Writing the essay takes time but if students have used their Researcher's reflection space and reflection sessions in a meaningful way they should be well prepared to develop their arguments. Whichever way it is formulated, it should be identified clearly as the research question and set out prominently in the introduction. For non-experimental essays, students should endeavour to show clearly how the data has been selected. Since chemistry is an experimental science, students are strongly encouraged to undertake experimental work as part of their research, although this is not compulsory. Perhaps the most important factor is the depth of treatment that can be given to the topic by the student. In some subjects, for example, the sciences, sub-headings within the main body of the essay will help the reader to understand the argument (and will also help the student to keep on track).

000 words will chemistry be compromised across all assessment criteria. Reference" if CSE" this means that essays containing more than. The remainder can be displayed in tabular or graphical criteria form.

You can also read about how the IB sets deadlines for the extended essay, find examples of extended essay titles from previous DP students and learn about the.The following is an overview of the extended essay guidelines for chemistry (IBO documents).

Be judged on its chemical content. Ways of demonstrating this in chemistry essays include the process choice of topic and research question. Intellectual initiative, students should indicate clearly whether they have personally designed the experiment. For example, in such cases, not its biological content, students must take into consideration the expected conventions of the subject in which their extended essay is registered. Students should emphasize clearly their own personal contribution. Once the main body of the essay is complete. It is usually appropriate to include also the underlying chemical theory required to understand how the research question has write arisen. Throughout the whole of the essay.

Required Introduction, the introduction should tell the reader what to expect in the essay.Where possible, the quality of sources accessed or data generated should be verified by secondary sources or by direct calculations.

If the practical work is carried out in an industrial or university laboratory, the essay should be accompanied by a letter from the external supervisor outlining the nature of the supervision and the level of guidance provided.

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This criterion assesses the extent to which the purpose of the essay is specified.
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