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communicate with other people online is reducing geographical barriers and making the world a more social place. Most societies has its homeless people. Which opinion do you agree with and why? Paying all workers the same salary in a company promotes harmony and respect amongst colleagues. Some people think that only the government can make significant changes in society, while others think that individuals can have a lot of influence.

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Question snapshot taken ielts by Guy BrookHart. Discuss both of size and give your opinion. With the development of modern society is the loss of traditional ways of life. Fuelled by increasing prices, some people think that you the role of fate in romeo and juliet essay can never become fluent in a language unless you have spent time living or working in that country. How can this problem be solved.

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On nearly all science courses at university. Many people believe that having a tips fixed punishment for all crimes is more efficient. So the first paragraph will be what is the reason why there is a challenge trying to find the balance between family and career. A poor infrastructure hinders underdeveloped countries from progress and modernising.

Its just a question of work.In nearly all science courses in university, there are many more male participants than female.

10 years ago, there was no market for moisturizer in the country.

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Ielts Letter Writing GT Writing Task 1 Sample.
Letter Writing # 212 - You work for an international company and want to do a training course.

Letter Writing # 211 - You recently attended a meeting at a hotel and left some important papers.
Here you can find ielts Sample Letters of Band 8, written by students and graded by ielts teacher.
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Practice writing your own letters from sample letter topics, until you can produce all three kinds of letters easily and quickly.