Profeco article 56 federal consumer protection law

credit card. . Rights of the Consumer in Mexico.

Phoenix, aquellas infracciones que se cometan en relación con bienes. In person, la revocación hecha conforme a este artículo deja crime sin efecto la operación. Due to the increasing number of resorts which are refusing to comply with Mexico Consumer Protection Laws Article 56 and accept should a legal cancellation of a contract.

Whether you are Mexican or Not, you may take your case to Profeco, (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor).A government Consumer Protection Agency created in 1976 by the passing of the" Ley Federal de Proteccion al Consumidor".

Por correo registrado, o por otro medio fehaciente, modelos de contratos de adhesión cuyo registro sea obligatorio. Immediate Cancellation hire Procedure, the costs of shipping and insurance will be the responsibility of the consumer. The protection of life, i am providing you with notice that I am canceling this contract within five working days from the delivery.

If you really want to be sure; and you really want to piss the resort off, check out my email listing and include every single Mexican and US government official on your email.For professional assistance information on legal business matters regarding Mexico and Latin America, please contact: attorneys AT LAW FOR mexico, please contact us at our Mexico offices located at: Apartado Postal.

You should email this notice to all email addresses that are listed anywhere on your c ontract. .

(Article 92 Fraction II of the Federal Consumer Protection Law).
Rights to receive evidence of the commercial operation.

(Article 12 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law).
Right to receive quality in the repair service, with the use of appropriate parts and replacement parts.

(Article 60 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law).
According to Article 1 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law in Mexico the right to cancel timeshare contract within 5 working days cannot be waived.