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college means going to a new, unfamiliar world of immense possibilities. Martins provides some good examples of "hooks Opening with a"tion: "Go back to hell where you came from, you old wart hog says Mary Grace, an unattractive girl from a Massachusetts college, to Mrs. Opening with a question: "Why is the American population terrified of turning to nuclear power as a future source of energy?". Since some people do not take the time to look at the facts, it is my turn to tell the truth about community colleges. The variety of courses and the inexpensive tuition gives students flexibility to explore the many options presented to them. A thesis statement is a sentence that briefly but thoroughly explains the point you will be making in the paper. With school, work, and babysitting that is barely ever a problem. Freewriting is an excellent way to come up with a topic and/or supporting details. Many writers community find introductions to be the most difficult section of a paper to write. However, the tenacity I gained over those two years enabled me to face the odds and flourish. Instead of agonizing over your assignment, force yourself to do something about. There are many different clubs and programs to get involved in, if you would like. I know for a fact I do just as much work as my friends who go to big time universities. Community colleges welcome all students and support them in their pursuit to improve their lives with education. I always believed this to be true. My parents started community college with the intention of earning a degree, but walked away empty-handed.

Many students attend these schools with out being academically. College a wellkept secret that I was fortunate enough to discover. quot; community college is the against animal testing articles perfect route for someone who needs time to mature.

By attending a community college for the first two years, it saves so much money.If you also have a job it is even better, because you are saving money in two different ways.Each person has different reasons for going to a community college.

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Sounds you will community college essay probably find it easier to write the introduction. Keep in mind that each advantages and disadvantage that I mention can be different from anyones point of view. The second one is more successful than the first because it is specific about both the subject of the paper and what argument the paper will make.

Not all universities have dorms, but the majority of them.Today, it is very uncommon to find such oppressive conditions in the work place.

They shared identical challenges but told unfamiliar stories.

My college career began with remedial courses at a community college and ended four years later with a bachelors degree from Cornell University.
In conclusion, because of community college is more affordable, still have different options for 2 years degrees and have smaller classes, the community college is a better choice than universities for high school students.

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Two years of free community college will provide hardworking young Americans an affordable, quality education and safeguard our nation s global competitiveness, write Jill Biden and Eric Garcetti.

Free community college benefits students and the nation ( essay ).
Community College : The Beginning of a Success Story.
Essay 944 Words 4 Pages For the past few decades, receiving a college education has been a stressed importance in todays society.