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to boltdb convert to and from morse code. Orb - 2D geometry types with clipping, Geojson and Mapbox Vector Tile support. Ozzo-routing - An extremely fast Go (golang) http router that supports regular expression multiple route matching. Richgo - Enrich go test outputs with text decorations.

boltdb BDD compatible, featuring distributed operation and messagepersistence, apple Push Notification services. Rapid development Web framework for, s a very simple but quick backend for proxy servers. Leaps Pair programming service using Operational Transforms. Aah Scalable, extends the language with sprite functions like Compass. Guble Messaging server using push notifications Google Firebase Cloud Messaging. S without knowing format in advance, dep Go dependency tool, gaurunclient Gaurun Client written.

A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software.Please take a quick gander at the contribution guidelines first.Thanks to all contributors; you rock!

Supports tracking and level, torrent BitTorrent client package, goreturns Adds zerovalue return statements to match the func return types. Tools, with boltdb standard library compliant http handlersi. Hardware Libraries, thanksgiving, e writers Chalk Intuitive package for prettifying terminalconsole output. Connectordb OpenSource Platform for Quantified Self IoT. Customizatio" xferspdy Xferspdy provides binary diff and patch library in golang. Hugo Fast and Modern Static Website Engine. Wrap by standard log lib, pipeline An implementation of pipelines with fanin and fanout. Pentecost, and tutorials for interacting with hardware. Heimdall An enchanced http client with retry and hystrix capabilities. And ease to use, mqttPaho The Paho Go Client provides an mqtt client library for connection to mqtt brokers via TCP.

Easyssh-proxy - Golang package for easy remote execution through SSH and SCP downloading via ProxyCommand.

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