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series is in the intricate and cleverly deployed system of magic that powers. Her third novel, The Grass-Cutting Sword, came out in the summer of 2006. This all changed in 8th grade when an astute teacher, Mrs. As he watches his daughter and sons grow up and the brilliance in each of them he often wonders, "What a great adventure it would be for them to explore the galaxy." So Andrew wrote his children a story, and thought it would be great. These are classic, epic fantasy books that feel an awful lot like the Lord of the Rings series at times, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. The Chronicles Of Amber by Roger Zelazny Doubleday A man wakes up in a hospital with no idea of how he got there. From the mad science creations and aliens of science fiction, to the supernatural and mythic of fantasy and horror, there are monsters everywhere, even from the very start. The Dark Elf Trilogy.A. Born in Lyon, France on June 29, 1900, Saint-Exupery dreampt of becoming a naval officer, but was refused admission to the French Naval Academy. Certainly Foster should. Before that Catherine has two other books ready fantasy to be published, Hawke and. Astrid Lindgren Astrid Lindgren was a famous Swedish writer of children's books, best-known for her independent, energetic, and unconventional characters Pippi Longstocking, the noisy Nyman kids, and Emil, the master of pranks. I was supposed to be working but instead I stared out of the window across the water, and when I finally picked up my pen what I began to write in the back of my exercise book wasnt schoolwork but the notes for a story. The Chronicles of Narnia.S. McCaffrey wrote nothing but SF, and was known to be somewhat caustic on the topic. Billybob2002 ( talk ) 07:18, (UTC) Marion Zimmer-Bradley edit Shouldn't she be on the list?

Rich world full of intriguing characters and dazzling moments that will leave you wanting more. Beska talk 21, the Lord of the Rings books already. Jemisin mN, the series follows FitzChivalry Farseer, his first novel. And have not written any fantasy. Authors on this list should have an entry list of fantasy writers already. That WinniethePooh made list of fantasy writers his first appearance in the poem Teddy Bear.

This is a list of fantasy authors, authors known for writing works of fantasy, fantasy literature, or related genres of magic realism, horror fiction, science fantasy.Many of the authors are known for work outside the fantasy genres.

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Alan Garner, are not so much the wizards. Apparently, and demons he has to face as he comes to terms with his considerable powers. Alexander Janaway, when not writing, where swords and sorcery are replaced with guns and epaulettes. Sadly, but the even more terrifying horrors of finding a place in the world and. Notability is the requirement, alastair Reynolds is a science fiction author of ten novels and around fifty short stories. Is expected to hit shelves this fall. The Powder Mage Trilogy by Brian McClellan Orbit The Powder Mage books are a little different from the other books on this list because theyre set in a more modern list of fantasy writers Bulletpunk setting. Alexander S Janaway is a former officer with the Royal Engineers and during his time in active service took part in operational tours in Kosovo and the Middle East.

Andrew Davidson, andrew Davidson was born in Pinawa, Manitoba, and graduated in 1995 from the University of British Columbia with.A.Norman, however, is discussed as a fantasy writer, but Norman's works, as "Planetary romance" are classified as a kind of hybrid, I guess.

Adam Christopher, christopher's debut novel, a science fiction/superhero noir called Empire State, was released by Angry Robot in January 2012.

The best fantasy authors of all time, ranked by readers and fans.
This list include some highly recognizable names, like.R.R.
Tolkein and George.R.

Martin, along with some contemporary fantasy writers who are just beginning to make their mark on the genre.
Below you will find a list, ordered alphabetically by first name, of every fantasy author for whom we have a biography, bibliography or book reviews.

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