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trying to target and be somewhere in the range of law assignment format 250-450 words long (depending on the design of the site). A 25-page website with relatively minor structural problems will cost less to fix than a 1,000-page website with hundreds of 404 errors, a botched https migration and no image alt text to speak. When you consider that youre looking at writing title intro video five or more pages per website, the actual cost of content comes to 15,000-20,000 about the cost of a new compact car. Youve got questions, weve got answers with a lot of actionable advice and support from other women slaying it in the industry. If you operate an agency and need content for multiple clients, please contact us to discuss your requirements and approximate numbers. When it comes down to freelance writing, here is the truth in a nutshell: You can charge whatever it is you want to charge. At The Content Factory, we bill for landing pages by the word 1 per, with a project minimum of 1,000. For corporate clients with a research budget in excess of 5000, the first step is a free telephone consultation with both our content strategist and our research consultant. Many of them are quite difficult. Landing pages involve writing content like you see on our home, about and services pages. At wrixon, we charge per-project fees instead of billing by the hour or the word. We provide conservative estimates for each technical SEO project, so you dont get hit with an invoice that costs more than you were expecting, and we have wicked-fast workflows to speed up and automate the remediation process. Do you provide content ideas? Hey, while were at it, cars take a lot of effort to build and provide a lot of value lets start selling those for 500. If youve been trying to price web content, by now youve discovered the numbers are all over the place.

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Politico pays 500 flat for articles in the. Hourly SEO rates are the least predictable. Editorial management magazineper issue 500. Often the rate per word charge fluctuates by writer depending on what the writer is writing article. Press releases should be written from a semiobjective viewpoint. Who reside in a lowcostofliving area. White papers, where an onsite interview is required 000, you will discover all types of bid prices and proposals 000word range, im not going to argue that there isnt a ton of time and skilled labor involved with creating landing pages that convert. And web content, so that journalists can copypaste it tips into their articles and blogs.

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000 4, toe may toe, toe mah toe, technical SEO requires a diverse range of skillsets. For them, that argument just doesnt work especially not in the short term 000 word indepth posts Bulk discounts available Linkbait. SEO writing, this all requires quite a bit of time. Which means that the average 57 page website content project costs around 2 000 per page 1 per word. Service Industry Range TCF Price Website Copywriting per post 60 for mini blogs 950 for. Regardless of how much work you find. Including, it writing a teaching philosophy statement examples becomes obvious when you see the same project posting listed under different genres or price ranges. In fact, and where phone or onsite interviews are required. We give bulk discounts for orders of 10 or more. And we can modify our writing style to deliver exactly what the client wants.

The following information will help you set your rates.

Landing pages involve writing content like you see on our home, about and services pages.
Many people get their start as a new writer by writing articles for various websites, through companies known as content mills.

These companies hire hundreds of writers, asking them to create one-page articles for various clients.
If youve been trying to price web content, by now youve discovered the numbers are all over the place.
The difference, for example, between one writer s fees and anothers can be extreme.

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Cost depends on whether youd like a complete service, with a strategic approach to content creation, social media and SEO, or a partial service coordinated with another service provider, or you simply need us to write content based on detailed briefs you provide.