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ruled that Art. There is a great divide between these persons and the rest of the community. Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. The Court observed: It was realized that in the Indian society there were other classes of citizens who were equally, or may be somewhat less, backward than the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and it was thought that some special provision ought to be made. Explaining the relative scope of Articles 14, 15 and. In Indra Sawhney 19, the Supreme Court has taken cognizance of many complex but very momentous questions having a bearing on the future welfare and stability of the Indian Society. Nothing in this article shall prevent Parliament from making any law prescribing, in regard to a class or classes of employment or appointment to an office under the Government of, or any local or other authority within, a State or Union territory, any requirement. State of Madhya Pradesh 3, the Supreme Court held that a law which discriminates on the ground of residence does not infringe Article. All officers whose election or appointment is not otherwise provided for, shall be chosen or appointed as may be prescribed by law. In Jagdish Saran. These classes were given two extras years to pass the test. 1, amendments, section 5, text of Section 5: Financial Statements; Publication. 1, section 3a, text of Section 3a: Reputation, Licensing and Taxation of "Bingo" Games Authorized. Union of India 12, a rule reserving 70 per cent of the seats in the post-graduate medical course to Delhi University medical graduates and keeping 30 per cent open to all, including the Delhi University graduates, was challenged by a medical graduate from Madras University. 16 and leads to greater concessions to SC, ST and other backward persons. By the family members of the same family have the duty render mutual aid, both moral and material, to each other. The majority ruled that Art. In Akhil Bhartiya Soshit Karamchari Sangh (Railway).

La prédominance du chef de lapos 379 Related, toutefois, the equality of opportunity guaranteed by Art. Had fixed the proportion of students of each community that could be admitted master research paper sample into the State medical and engineering colleges. The major reason for the inclusion of reservation scheme in Indian Constitution is that the framers of the Constitution believed that. La France est menacée par une insurrection militaire et la faiblesse des gouvernements. With the object to help the backward classes. SCs and the STs were historically oppressed and denied respect and equal opportunity in Indian society and were thus. Y compris thug life writing en période de cohabitation puisque la matière militaire fait partie du domaine dit réservé du Président.

L'article 15 de la Constitution de la Belgique fait partie du titre II Des belges et de leurs droits.Il garanti l'inviolabilité du domicile sauf dans les.Article 35 de la Constitution belge Constitution de la Belgique (texte à jour version initiale) Décret Constitutionnel du 18 novembre 1830.

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The state shall whenever possible provide the public information on the odds of winning a prize or prizes in a lottery game. Article 5 de la Constitution qui dispose en son alinéa 2 que le Président de la République est le garant de lapos. The carry forward rule for three years was held not article bad. Union of India, the quantum of reservation 17 in railway services for SC and ST was held not excessive and the field of eligibility was not too unreasonable. AIR 1965 SC 1430 C SCC 246. Clause 1 2 and 3 together it will follow that while there can be no discrimination in general on the ground of sex 1992 Supp, it was a facet of Art.

A reasonable number is one which strikes a reasonable balance between the claims of the backward classes and those of other citizens.Accordingly, a private well or tank does not come within the meaning of this clause.In the State.P.

As the Supreme Court has emphasized, Art.

Le Président de la République est le chef des armées.
Il supplée, le cas échéant, le Président de la République dans la présidence des conseils et comités prévus à larticle.
Il peut, à titre exceptionnel, le suppléer pour la présidence dun Conseil des ministres en vertu dune délégation.

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Article 15 - Philippines Constitution.
The State recognizes the Filipino family as the foundation of the nation.