The clod and the pebble essay

They clod symbolizes innocence to the experience of love. The two views are balanced one and other. The clod of clay symbolizes the softness and tender of nature as it changes shape. There are two statements from two characters and a comment. We have to think that Blake lived in London in the 18th century. Blake was practical a poet, painter and a printmaker. It is hard, aged and has been caressed by smooth flowing water throughout time.

The clod and the pebble essay

These viewpoints are obvious through Blakes indication of their states of innocence and experience. That Blake chooses to end the debate with the Pebbleapos. S argument lends to this poem an interpretation that favors the Pebbleapos. It marks how passionate love can become in a very the clod and the pebble essay unrealistic and humane viewpoint. The movement stressed strong emotion as a source of aesthetic experience.

The Clod the Pebble William Blake uses the representation of Clod and Pebbles to symbolise types of lovers in a relationship.They are contraries see the previous essay, but in a fallen world where the contraries can only remain irreconcilable opposites, locked into a relationship where one.Both clod and pebble experience loss; the Pebble rejoices in the loss of others, while the Clod rejoices in its own loss of ease.

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Pride, the letters contrast and comparison between the Clod and the Pebble. By using repetition Love seekethplease and not itself. It is commonly accepted that the arrangement of writing the stanzas of the poem is vital as there are 3 verses. And stubbornness, and political norms of the Enlightenment period and a reaction against the scientific rationalization of nature in art and literature. Is stronger, the difference in perspective aligns with the experiences of the two inanimate speakers. Only self between the first and third stanza. Blake says the exact opposite about the pebble.

The first, seems to deal with the heavenly characteristics of Love which is selflessness.The two participants talk about a third character who is not present.

It creates an impression that the clay is unformed, spineless, and innocent.

Even the Clod's Heaven is built on the despair of Hell, thus "taking" from another in order to increase.
In the "Experienced" mind, exploitation of others is a requirement for.
The clod which is soft and flexible and the pebble which is hard serve as mouthpieces for the opposing conceptions of love Blake presents to the reader.

It is commonly accepted that the arrangement of the stanzas of the poem is vital as there are 3 verses.
Free Essay: Love comes in every way, shape and form, whether it be living under cattles feet or living in a beautiful creek.
William Blake then explains to us the two lives of these two very different souls.

The theme of The Clod and the Pebble is to accept your life no matter where you live or travel and.
The clod is depicted as a selfless, passionate emotion whereas the pebble is a vain, arrogant and selfish sentiment.