Political articles for kids

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Political articles for kids

At presidential runMassachusetts Sen, one of his highest priorities 2018, casting Your Vote, be a role model by setting a positive example that lets them know you value the right political to vote. May 6, talking with your kids about important issues. Why do they feel that way.

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Political Parties Candidates usually belong to one political party whose members have similar ideas about government.
The United States has two main political parties: the Democratic party and the Republican party.
When it comes to talking to your kids about political matters, you may think that your 8-year-old would rather be playing video games or that your 14-year-old would prefer texting friends but you might be wrong.

The judges fate, and the Senates treatment of his accuser, have the makings of a pivot point in American politics a wrenching apex in the struggle over the status of American women and.
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